Which Discs to Choose for The Vibram Birdie Bash

Vibram is sponsoring a unique tournament, the “Birdie Bash,” all around the country.

Taking a page from Discrafts “Ace Race” (even used cards in their promotional stuff), this tournament uses two discs, and the only things that matter are birdies (or hitting metal). It’s an interesting idea, I always like trying different challenges.

To me the best selling point of the Birdie Bash is that for just the sign up fee, $25. You get two of these amazingly high quality discs (retail for $17.99 each) and a shirt. It’s worth signing up for this event just for the players packs.

When you sign up on line you have a choice of one putter and one midrange or driver.

While getting cheap discs is great, it’s also nice to win Tournaments (not that I have ever done so myself), or at least be competitive.

Since you only get to use two discs for this even, you’ll want to make sure you have the best discs for your playing style, and the course you’re playing.

Chances are the course you’ll be playing for your Birdie Bash will be a short one since birdies are all that matter. If this is the case, you’ll want to go with a fairway drivers, or the mid range/putter combo.

Here is a break down of the different Vibram Discs:

Distance Driver

Vibram Lace: This is arguably the farthest flying golf disc ever, and probably the most popular Vibram disc. If your goal is to just get some nice discs, or you will be playing on a very long course, then you might as well go with the Lace. If you are a newer player, and don’t throw very far, you probably won’t be happy with the Lace.

Fairway Drivers

Ascent: The Ascent is the more overstable of the two fairway driver options. You’ll want to choose this disc if there are lots of moderately long holes where you’ll want to curve around obstacles. Also the preferred choice for forehand throws.

Trak: While still slightly overstable, the Trak is the straighter flying fairway driver. This disc is better for newer players that want more control and distance.

Midrange Discs

Obex: The Obex is an Overstable midrange with a big end of flight fade.

Ibex: The Ibex is the choice for stable flying straight mid range shots.

Driving Putters

Vibram has three different flat top “driving putters.” While they are still good for putting, they likely have a different feel than you’re used too. To me the Vibram driving putters are great for apprach shots and serve very well as midranges.  Being that I think I’ll need a lot of long putts for chances to score, I’m going to choose the Ridge as my putter.

V.P.: This is the overstable flat top putt and approach disc. Good for powerful arms that are going to use their putter for short drives.

Ridge: This is the stable straight flying driving putter. If you’re course will have narrow fairway’s, this is the disc to choose.

Summit: Understable driving putter. This is the recommended choice for beginners.

Putting Putter

Sole: The Sole is the slow flying domey putting putter. If your other disc will get you close to the basket, this is the disc to choose for putting confidence.

Good luck choosing your discs, and have fun at the Birdie Bash. Kudos to Steve Dodge and Vibram for putting on this great event. Vibram discs use rubber and so are different than other manufacturers. Have fun and make those birdies (or at least hit metal).

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  1. I live in Easton mass near borderland I want to sign up for a birdie bash tourney how do I do that.

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