Understable Discs

Understable discs have a greater resistance to the natural fading motion of a golf disc based on the direction of the spin. When thrown with enough power, these discs will actually turn to the right (flip up or turn over) on a backhand throw. This tendency makes it so that understable discs get a full flight path and provide more distance for beginners. Read our reviews of understable discs here.

Understable Mid-Range Discs for Beginning Disc Golfers

If you are a new disc golf player, or you have a low-speed throwing motion, some of the best discs that you can use to effectively control your shot and keep the disc in the air are mid-range discs. New players often overlook the mid-range, considering it a “non vital” part of their initial┬ádisc arsenal. …

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Best Understable Distance Drivers 2016

What is Understable vs. Overstable? When you are new to the game of disc golf, you hear terms like “overstable” and “understable” and “flippy” thrown around quite a bit when describing discs, but it probably leaves you more confused than enlightened. ┬áSo, before we look at some of the great understable distance drivers, let’s clarify …

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Innova Tern

The Innova Tern is a high speed driver with a strong “turn” rating (hence the name, only spelled differently). This disc should has incredible glide, and can give intermediate players some serious distance. Right now Innova is projecting flight ratings of 12/6/-3/1 in Star plastic, and slightly more stable flight ratings 12/6/-2/2 in Champion plastic. …

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