Innova Leopard

The Leopard is a common fairway driver that comes in a lot of the Innova starter packages. The Leopard is supposedly one of the easiest discs to throw straight, and is a good disc for turnover shots. It has a speed rating at just (6), but a high amount of glide (5). Its rated with a fair (-2) turn, and a minimal fade (1), which allow it to fly very straight.

Initially, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Leopard because it didn’t fly well with my forehand throws. When I throw it with my normal sidearm release it almost always turns sideways and ends up a roller. But after doing just a few backhand throws, (the most common type of throw for disc golfers), I was a fan. The Leopard soared long, straight, and only faded slightly at the very end of the flight. It is one of the straightest flying drivers I have tested. For beginners, it gets just as much distance as any “distance driver.”

The experts claim it is a great driver for beginners, and I agree. It is an easy to throw, straight flying driver. A great choice to help you get lower scores as you try to master the game of disc golf.

The Leopard comes in all the major plastics. It’s actually the only speed 6 fairway driver that comes in the higher quality plastics (Champion, Star). If you’re looking for a low speed, straight flying, fairway driver that won’t easily get dings, nicks, and dents, then the Leopard is what you want.