Improve Your Putting With The ProPutt App

Almost a year ago I was given a free download of the ProPutt Iphone App to test and review. I started testing it a little, but shortly after downloading it the weather got nice so I stopped practicing, and forgot all about the app until recently.

Now, nearly a year later I finally have my review (and am a better putter).

IMG_3075ProPutt is neat app that makes it really easy to keep track of  putting practice sessions in a variety of ways. The interface is pretty intuitive and fairly easy to use. It’s simple to select your putting distance and segregate your practice sessions based on putt type (regular or straddle), weather conditions (calm, windy, wet), and terrain type (flat, uphill, downhill).

Since all my practice sessions over the winter were in my basement, the only settings I actually used were distance and putt type. I mostly practiced regular putts, but also was able to see how my straddle putts compare and improved these putt percentages as well.

IMG_3079I have eleven identical Money putters, and typically use 10 or 11 (depending on how many putters my kids have misplaced at the time) as the “total putts” per set. I set a mini marker down at the distance I’m putting from, toss my discs, and then simply push the + button in rapid succession according to the number of makes I had, while walking to the basket to retrieve my discs. By the time I get to the basket to pick up my discs for the next set, I usually have everything recorded for that session and then click the “save” button.

The ProPutt app has two different options to record your makes: dots and flushes. When I have a good puts that hit the center of the basket but still chain out, I count them as ‘dots.’ Since I have a Mach 14 practice basket, this usually happens a few times for every hundred putts. For everything that stays in the basket, I count them as ‘flushes’. For shots that miss, you don’t have to do anything.

Now, just buying the ProPutt app won’t improve your putting by itself, but it has definitely increased my motivation to keep practicing as I have actually seen improvement in my putting. After putts are added and sessions saved, the app helps you to analyze the stats to help you compare your putting sessions over time. You can view graphs of your putts in different conditions and at different distances by day, week, month, or all time.

Check out how the graphs look that show my 15 feet putting improvement over the last three months.

If you want to improve your disc golf game, the best thing you can do is improve your putting. This $1.99 investment will bring you a return that far exceeds the cost. Buy the ProPutt app today, and motivate yourself to practice putting.