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There are more than 60 different putt and approach discs on the market. Some are worthless, most are average, and only a handful are considered “must haves.”

From reviews, six putt and approach discs stood out above the rest. Surprisingly, the two top brands for best disc golf putters were MVP and Gateway; each recorded two discs among the top six. The Innova and Discraft discs that made the cut are both very overstable. According to these reviews, we have determined the best disc golf putters.

Here are the results:

MVP Ion1. MVP Ion– MVP’s unique putt and approach discs have taken the disc golf world by storm. Each MVP disc utilizes two different plastics and utilizes GYRO technology to increase flight performance. The GYRO technology is very technical and complex, but the fact is that disc golfers agree that these discs are better. The Ion is slightly overstable. It has a straight flight path with a mild fade and can withstand strong snapping throws. The Ion has a rating of 4.91 from 11 different reviewers.

The Ion permanently replaced the Aviars in my bag. I feel its much more predictable with the gyro. Nice and stable, with putts it WILL find the chains and with drives will have a nice “hook” finish. I have it in the eclipse proton which is PERFECT for glow rounds. Overall this disc has become the anchor of my bag.

Innova Rhynoe - Best Overstable Putter2. Innova Rhyno – This super overstable putter is the only Innova Disc that most users feel is a “must have. ” Available in all the major Innova plastics, this disc comes in a variety of different options. This putter received 9 votes and had a 4.78 rating (max 5). The Rhyno handles wind well and is very popular for controlled approach shots. This is what D Downey says about the Rhyno:

I carry four Rhynos in my bag. They cover any shot out to about 240′. Nothing feels better in my hand than the low profile of the disc along with the thumb track. I use the pro plastic for putting and short drives without fade or a nice beat up one for my anny lines. I like the champ plastic for stable short range drives with fade.
I would recommend this disc to anyone who doesn’t like the feel of the taller profile putters. Putting is all about feel.

3. Gateway Magic – The Magic is an understable putter that will defy fade. If you need a straight flying disc for long putts, this fits Magic-Softthe mold. This disc comes in several different plastics including Super Stupid Soft. From 6 votes, the Magic received a rating of 4.67.  Here’s what Jason has to say about the Magic:

Excellent understable putter. Little wrist, and it will go dead straight 40 feet. It is Gateway, so you can get whatever plastic feel you want. Not a great driving putter, but can be used for short anhyzers. Only disc I putt with.

4. Discraft Zone – Like the Rhyno, the Zone is another very overstable putter that disc golfers love. While they love this disc, very few actually putt with it but use it for drives, windy days, and strategic hyzers. The Zone has a rating of 4.63 from 8 different voters. Here’s what Jeff has to say about the Discraft Zone:

I love this disc. It’s the most used disc in my bag besides my putter. Though it’s a putter, I would never actually putt with it. Great off the tee, and for predictability on upshots both forehand and backhand. Kicked the Drone out of my bag because it does almost the same thing, but I prefer the feel of the Zone more.

5. MVP Anode – If you want a straight flying disc, this is it. The Anode is like an Innova Dart with a better feel. This disc has Anodealmost no glide and no fade. Unlike many of the other top rated putters, this disc is commonly used for both putts and approach shots. From 10 votes, the Anode has a rating of 4.6. This is what Oscar Johnson has to say about the Anode.

Anode’s strait flight helps for long putts beyond the reach of the more stable Ion. Flies straiter longer with less effort. No need to Jump putt. Just pull out the Anode. Holds a tremendous anhyzer line for approach. Be careful that it doesn’t land on its edge when thrown anhyzer. No need to use a strong angle. Just snap and watch turn.

6. Gateway Wizard The Wizard was the most rated putter on the website. From sixteen votes, the Wizard has a rating of Wizard4.56. Like the Magic, the Wizard is available in both Soft and Super Stupid Soft plastics. This is what Rakoz says about Christmas:

I carry 3 at all times in various grades and degradations. I prefer the “eraser” feel of the ss and SSS plastic since I play in wind and rain a lot. The Wizard and Warlock are responsible for about -2 on my overall score since I adopted it. It just does what I tell it to every time. I put in a “fencer” stance with a lot of oomph…

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  1. I really like the MVP ION and feel it may well deserve the # 1 putter designation. i have however replaced my rhino’s and its close cousin the pig with vibrams VP as i can throw them farther with very dependable fade and they are much more durable than innova’s pro or R pro plastics and provide unbeatable grip in all conditions. the gateway magic and wizard are pretty good putters to but i would place them a distant third behind MVP and Vibram. these to companies have brought something new and exciting to the world of disc golf and i really like that.

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