Discraft Eclipse

The Eclipse is a super stable Long Distance Driver with good glide, and only the slightest of fades at the end of the flight. Discraft gives it a stability rating of 0. When it comes to a straight flying driver, this is about as good as it gets.

If you throw the Eclipse at an Anhyzer angle, it will curve to the right and sometimes doesn’t even fade back at all. Being able to force your disc to the right is essential to low scores on most disc golf courses. If you have a big arm and throw with serious power, and are used to more overstable golf discs, you might accidentally find the Eclipse drifting much farther to the right than you intend.

Discraft Eclipse Pro-DThe high stability of the disc and predictable flight pattern make the eclipse a great disc for beginners throwing backhand. The straight flying nature of it make a good disc for golfers who are only going to use one disc for a round.

When it comes to forehand throws, the Eclipse is not a good disc. The wing length of the Eclipse is very narrow, and in our distance test throws we often times didn’t get this disc to go even 200 feet.

Big Gash in Discraft Eclipse Frisbee golf discThe Eclipse is only available in PRO D plastic, Discraft’s lowest grade. My experience with this disc might be a little skewed because I hit a concrete building on one of my first throws actually on a course with this disc (it was on a slow anhyzer throw, didn’t really have much speed at all) and it made a big gash in the side. From my experience, big disc gashes make discs more understable.

Not only does this disc come in one of the less durable plastics, but the thin rim edge on the Eclipse likely also contributes to its quick wear.

Of course the nice thing about Pro-D plastic is that it’s cheap.

Have you or do you throw the Discraft Eclipse? How would you rate this disc, and what do you like/dislike about it?

2 thoughts on “Discraft Eclipse

  1. I really like using this disc because I get a great drift to the right. But like the author states, these get banged up so quickly! Does anybody recommend a disc that behaves the same way but made from a tougher plastic?


  2. This is one of my favourite discs of all time. Yes, dx plastic wears out fast, but it’s cheap, so you can always buy more. Another great under used disc is the Aero, which I managed to get in Champion plastic a while back and is incredibly durable. It’s probably a straighter flyer than the Eclipse, but slower and with more glide.

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