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Disc Golf Disc Reviews

There are many different brands and makes of frisbee golf discs. Which are the best, and which ones offer the best value? We try and provide these answers for you by reviewing as many disc golf discs as possible.

IMG 1733 e1472777741194 Dynamic Discs Defender--Lucid vs. BioFuzion

Dynamic Discs Defender–Lucid vs. BioFuzion

This summer, we saw a lot of new disc releases from several disc golf manufacturers. One of the more successful new releases has been the Dynamic Discs new overstable high speed driver, the Defender. The Defender […]

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Innova Roadrunner Frisbee Golf Disc

Innova Roadrunner

The Innova Roadrunner is a great understable distance driver. This disc is easy to throw and gives beginners more distance for both forehand and backhand throws. Innova gives this disc a speed rating of 9,

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Ape Champion Innova Ape

Innova Ape

The Innova Ape is not a good disc for beginners. Initially I thought that throwing the Ape would be a great disc for making hyzer distant shots with a strong fade. Well it might be

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TOBU Charge Tobu Charge Review

Tobu Charge Review

When I first saw the Tobu Kickstarter campaign, I was pretty excited. I love the potential that GPS discs have. For me, the most frustrating part of disc golf is spending time trying to find

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Innova Katana Champion Innova Katana

Innova Katana

The Innova Katana is one of the more understable ultra high speed drivers available. With a turn rating of -3, this driver is not quite as understable as the the Innova Vulcan. Newer players with

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Discraft XS Discraft XS

Discraft XS

The Discraft XS is a great disc, especially for beginners. It is a straight flying long range driver with a narrow wing length. If your score on a round of disc golf is an indicator

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Boss Blizzard Innova

Innova “Boss”

The Innova Boss is the first, and probably the most popular Speed 13 Distance Driver. It comes in all plastic varieties. The latest greatest thing to happen to the Boss is the new “Blizzard Champion

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innova gator Innova Gator Review

Innova Gator Review

The Innova Gator is a sticky, mid range disc with a speed rating of (5), almost no glide (2), and a fairly strong fade (3).  It has a sturdy feel, a thick solid rim, is

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