Which Disc Manufacturer Makes The Best Putters?

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GatewayandMVPputters.jpgThere are about a dozen popular disc golf manufacturers actively making discs today. Some of them have great discs of all types, while others have good drivers, but only mediocre putters.

Vibram and MVP have putt and approach discs that people rave about, but are very new in the driver business. Latitude 64 has some of the very best drivers, but I rarely ever see players using their putters. Innova and Discraft, well they just have everything.

The question for today is, which disc brand makes the best putters?

Using the ratings from infinitediscs.com, I averaged ratings of all the different putters reviewed on the site by each manufacturer. To determine the “best putter maker,” I only included those brands that had at least 15 different putter reviews, and only included discs with at least two different ratings. Only the most popular discs and manufacturers were included in this project.

The study showed that the highest rated putt and approach discs are made by MVP, Gateway, and Vibram. And while Innova and Discraft by far have the most putters that were reviewed, lots of these discs have low ratings.

Here are the overall rankings and scores. Discs were rated between 1 and 5 with 5 being “must haves.”

1. MVP – 4.8
2. Gateway – 4.38
3. Vibram – 4.37
4. Discraft – 4.23
5. Innova – 3.91

From reading the different comments made by the website reviewers, It seems that the high ratings for MVP and Vibram come primarily from these discs superior approach and driving abilities. On the other hand, Gateway putters also had many comments about how well they “stuck to the chains.” While determining the best putter will always be debatable, I think it’s safe to say that Gateway makes some very good putters.

What manufacturer would you say makes the best putt and approach discs? Share your comments below.


3 thoughts on “Which Disc Manufacturer Makes The Best Putters?”

  1. I have tried many putters over the last 25 years and have never found one that i was satisfied with until i discovered the mvp ion and the vibram vp. i had come to the conclusion a few years ago that i would never be able to throw a putter well. i could never throw a putt and approach disc ” hard ” without turning it over. the VP changed that for me as did the ion. i can hardly believe that i have recently been driving off the tee pad with a putter ! its to bad that i have a tub full of putters from innova, lightning,discraft and gateway as well as a few others that have not nor will they ever do me any good. the mvp putters have more glide and when i need that then i reach for the ion, but when glide is not what i need then i reach for the vibram VP. i absolutely love both of these putters and that is something i never thought i would say.

    1. Timmy, So in the Ion what plastic do you recommend, and what weight? It looks like theres options like proton, neutron, etc, and soft medium and firm. And what about for the Vibram VP?


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