Why? Examining the Weirdest Disc Golf Molds on the Market Today

When the Alien first came out this year, I was really surprised that Innova would release such a weird disc. Why? There is a reason that they call it the Alien. This is without doubt one of the funniest looking disc golf discs you will ever see.

But, when you have as many different disc molds as Innova has, you can’t keep doing the same thing over, and over and over. You have to do something different. It all makes sense. Why not pull out the weird discs.

By releasing something truly unique, it gets eyeballs. It draws curiosity and attention as people want to try them out just to see what these strange disc golf discs fly like. I had to try it out, just to see what it would fly like. And while I liked it during my tester round, it’s not something that I feel I need or will ever want to try again. Nevertheless, because of the unusual nature of the disc I was intrigued enough that I wanted to try it out.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the strangest disc golf discs on the market today (meaning, these are discs you can actually buy if you want to try them out). Some of these discs actually have some utility purpose while some of them should probably only be purchased as white elephant gifts.

Unique Doomsday Discs

Doomsday Discs is one brand that has made a name for itself by providing unique discs. Their munitions line is full of unusual molds. We are going to highlight five of these unconditional discs.


Doomsday Discs Frag, freak utiility mid
The Doomsday Discs Frag just might be the most overstable disc golf disc ever made. It’s the tilt of midranges. It flys better upside down than it does right side up. The ridiculous overstable nature of this disc is pretty much useless in most disc golf rounds, but it’s unique nature might come in handy in some instances. Like if you’re playing disc golf in a hurricane.


Doomsday Discs Landmine Weird disc

The Landmine boasts a truly unique and distinctive shape among disc golf discs. Its rim design is characterized by its somewhat “boxy” profile, setting it apart from traditional disc shapes. This unconventional rim shape is not only visually striking but also serves a practical purpose in enhancing its flight characteristics. This innovative design contributes to the Landmine’s ability to perform exceptionally well on both forehand and backhand throws, making it a versatile choice for approach shots. Its standout rim shape is not only a conversation starter on the course but also a testament to the disc’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of disc golf design.

I was a total sceptic of the landmine before I threw it, but it is actually a pretty good approach disc.

Depth Charge

Doomsday Depth Charge

The Depth Charge is essentially a version of the Land Mine with a thinner rim. Unlike the original Land Mine disc, the Depth Charge has a narrowed rim to accommodate premium plastic, ensuring it isn’t overly heavy for its size. This alteration allows the Depth Charge to maintain a flight profile similar to the Land Mine but with enhanced torque resistance. The big difference is the remarkable flexibility, which enables the disc to be folded and easily stick to the landing spot. In addition the flight plate may exhibit some waviness due to the plastic’s flexibility.

Bunker Buster

Doomsday Discs Bunker BusterThe Doomsday Discs Bunker buster is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. It’s like a HUGE fairway driver. And when I say huge, I mean the diameter of the disc. It’s got the edges of a fairway driver but is just massive measuring 24 cm. It’s fun to throw, but difficult to fit in your disc golf bag. My recommendation for the Bunker Buster is to give it away as a white elephant gift.


Doomsday Discs WMD Illegal Disc

The WMD “Weapon of Maximum Distance” is another huge disc in the Doomsday line. The thing that makes this one huge is the width of the rim. The rim is so wide you can barely fit your hand around it. And yes, this disc is too fast. It is illegal for PDGA tournament use, but that doesn’t make it fun to throw around in your casual round. Because Doomsday is not even trying to get this disc approved weight doesn’t matter and it’s really heavy. Some of these weigh almost 190 grams!

When it comes to throwing the Weapon of Max Distance, The WMD goes REALLY far.

Weird Discraft Discs

Zone GT and Zone Ringer GT Test Flight Battle PackDiscraft has even gotten in on the weird disc bandwagon this year. Like Innova, they already pretty much have every single disc mold variation a player would want. So what to do to mix it up?

Weird flight plate and rim configurations.

Discraft just announced their Zone GT Battle Pack.

Years ago Discraft decided to release the Buzzz GT, which is a groove top version of the Buzzz (their most popular disc). It was kind of gimmicky, and people tried it because it was different, but it never really stuck as it didn’t really provide any advantages on the course.

Well, Discraft is doing it again. Since they aren’t running any Ace Races this year, they might as well do the Battle Pack. With the Battle pack they placed their “weird” groove top rim on the Zone (second most popular Discraft disc) as one variation, and placed the Ringer Thumbtrack top on the Zone as the other version.

This is a fun concept and those who try these “Battle Packs” have a QR code where they can vote on which one they like best. The GT Zone variety that wins the popular vote will go into regular production. The loser…. will never be seen again.

…well, at least until Discraft is looking for the next way to get some attention by promoting of weird discs.

Honorable Mention Unique Discs

  • Innova Sonic – It’s got the same weird top that the Alien has, but this disc has been around disc golf longer than I have, so for me, it’s kind of normal.
  • Discraft Banger GT – You guessed it. It’s a putter with the strange groove top rim.
  • Elevation Discs – All of them. Elevation Discs are all made out of a super floppy plastic blend.
  • Divergent Discs Stay Put Plastic Discs – Like the elevation discs, these are super floppy.  The Golem is REALLY overstable.
  • Kastaplast Berg – This disc is unique, with a weird groove and ultra grippy plastic but avid disc golfers love it because it flies like a brick with very little glide. If you like the Berg, stay tuned because it’s new overstable brother the Berg X will be available soon.
  • Aerobie Sharpshooter #1 – These discs are technically out of production (and for good reason because they were flat out terrible).  It’s no surprise that Infinite Discs still has some in stock.  But the notches on top are unique and they make a fun whistle when you throw them.  The Epic was another crazy disc, but it actually had a useful place. If you can find an Epic these days, it will sell for $100+ on the disc golf black market.
  • Lonestar Discs Superdillo – Like the Bunker Buster, the Superdillo is a huge wide diameter disc that doesn’t easily fit in the normal disc golf bag. Not only does the disc look ridiculous, but wait until you check out its flight numbers.