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SalientDiscsLogoIf you’re worried that there aren’t enough disc options, I have great news — a new disc manufacturer should have a disc available any day now!

This new manufacturer is Salient Discs in Columbia, South Carolina.

There are a lot of disc manufacturers out there (ever heard of ABC, Ching, Discmania, Millennium, Skyquest, Legacy, Prodiscus?) and it’s hard for a new company to enter the market, and make it, without a huge splash (Prodigy).

Most avid disc golfers stick with proven discs from brands they know (Innova, Discraft, Latitude 64). Some disc golfers want to try every new disc that hits the market, but most don’t.

Salient is counting on a superior product to be successful. They boast a talented group of owners consisting of a Physicist, Chemist, Engineer, and a Physician (just in case your disc gets sick). Their goal is to provide consistency in their molds, advanced disc flight characteristics, and discs that are friendly for players of all skill levels.

Salient will need effective marketing to be successful, but if their discs actually are superior, they should last longer than Skyiron did.

First Disc – Prometheus

The initial disc that will soon be released by Salient is called the Prometheus (named after the Greek Titan).  It is supposed to be a high speed distance driver that acts like a control driver, with the fade of a midrange, that works well for players of all skill levels. If this is actually true, Salient will be off to a good start and should benefit from positive word of mouth marketing.

The Promethius has a thick rim and a wider than average diameter that is supposed to provide an improved “in hand grip.” Salient also boasts about a limited “skip” when the Promethius lands and its unique ability to “stay in bounds.”

It looks like these new discs will be available at a premium price, are you be willing to pay $17 to test out a new Salient Disc?

We’re hoping Salient will send us one so we can review it here for you.

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  1. I love all discs,especially new products.I have found that for me a variety of different manufactures work best for me…So I would prob.not stick with just one type of disc…Thanks for a new horizon…Buddy West.President Oklahoma Fairway DGA.

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