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The Innova Dart is an accurate, straight flying putt/approach disc. This is one of the BEST discs you’ll ever play with, and the only speed three approach disc that comes in all of Innova’s major plastics. According to Innova’s ratings, it has 0 turn, and 0 fade, and while no disc really has no low speed fade, this disc has almost no fade at all at the end of the flight when you keep it level.

I tested the Dart out for a round of nine, using it as my exclusive disc at my home course. Despite the fact that that I could have driven further with my drivers, I finished the round at just 1 over par (better than my average score at this course).

Innova Dart: Distance Results

The Dart is technically a putter, and isn’t a fast flying disc – you can immediately tell that by the thick rim which just is not designed to slice through the air. But the amazing thing about this “putter” is that you won’t want to save it just for putts in the basket.

If you need a straight shot, the Dart is about the best disc you can use. I can accurately throw this disc for up to about 200 feet. I’ve had some throws with it that went for about 250 – only about 70 feet shy of some of my furthest driver throws.

Innova Dart: Accuracy Results

The Dart we’ve tested is of the DX plastic. It is the perfect blend of soft but grippy to leave your hand with nice consistent release. After our initial round of accuracy tests from 150 feet, compared with 42 other putt/approach discs, the Dart ranked #1 for both forehand and backhand results. It was the most accurate disc for both Kirk and myself.

If you’re looking for an accurate, average distance, straight flying disc that will land where you want it to, you’ll want to buy the Innova Dart.

Best Price for Innova Dart

Here are some links to help you find the cheapest price for the Dart in each of its plastic.

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2 thoughts on “Innova Dart

  1. Agreed. The Dart is not only one of the best putters, but a great approach disk. At my 5000′ playing elevation it is just a tad stable, allowing me to put some power into it with little risk of it turning over. A very predictable disk. The RP (rubbery) plastic makes for an excellent putter as it grabs the chains and is grippy in the snow and rain.

  2. If you want a straight flyer – this is it. Today I nailed a 30 to 40 ft. putt with my Dart. Super accurate. Great disc.

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