Fairway Drivers

Innova Eagle

The Innova Eagle is a high fade (3) fairway driver. It has a speed rating of 7, glide of 4, -1 turn, 3 fade. The Eagel is one of the classic fairway drivers that revolutionized …

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Innova Cheetah

Innova Cheetah: Fairway Driver The Cheetah is one of my favorite fairway drivers. When I initially started test throwing disc golf discs, the Cheetah often flew further than my distance drivers, and it was more …

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Innova Teebird

The Tee-Bird is a stable fairway driver that works well for backhand throws. It provides stability and distance, which are important attributes for a good fairway driver. The Tee-Bird has a speed rating of (7), …

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inova term

Innova Tern

The Innova Tern is a high speed driver with a strong “turn” rating (hence the name, only spelled differently). This disc should has incredible glide, and can give intermediate players some serious distance. Right now …

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