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Hello, my name is Kirk.I discovered Disc Golf about 9 years ago when my older brothers best friend wanted to get a disc golf course put in at my home town university, Utah State.Since then I had occasionally played in areas such as Solitude and found discs without names on them here or there, but was never serious about disc golf... until this year when Alan and I began having a regular challenge at the local Von Bear Park disc golf course.I like long courses with baskets in obscure locations - like on the top of a hill or in a look nook.I like to test my distance and accuracy.Having said that, I hate throwing back hand - I'm not able to get the power most throwers can, so I consider forearm to be the best throwing method in disc golf.You'll notice that my forearm results far outweigh my backhand results.Alan and I are both bloggers and we thought it would be a great idea to combine our passion for blogging and disc golf and create an awesome website which provides people with great a unbiased and scientific approach to reviewing of these discs, as well as a good place to purchase discs.I'm not a professional disc golfer, and probably never will be - which is what makes my reviews great - I'm like most disc golfers out there.I'm a graduate from Utah State in Public Relations, married, and loving life!

Disc Golf Accuracy Testing Remarks

Pointers for Accuracy with Disc golf Alan and I have been doing our 150 foot accuracy tests, both of us as beginner/intermediate players. Alan has been throwing backhand, I have been throwing forehand. I have […]

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Accuracy Testing

The Accuracy Testing Has Begun Alan and I have had a ton of fun reviewing the distance of the different discs, but we are putting that on pause for a little while we do some

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Drew Gibson Pro Golfer

Disc Golf Distance Throwing Technique

Today we were doing distance testing of five different discs as beginner/intermediate disc golf throwers. For me, the results were far from anything desirable – I was throwing my favorite disc, the Star Destroyer an

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Kevin Jones

Distance Testing Result

Today Alan and I had went over to a softball field at Willow Park and tested out his newest Distance Drivers. It was both encouraging and discouraging. We are at best intermediate disc golfers, but

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Disc Golf Reviewer
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