Sune Sports Disc Golf Discs

Sune Sport Flow Motion putter in basket

Sune Sports is Norwegian sporting good company that has a big emphasis on Frisbee golf. They distribute golf discs under both the Guru and Sune Sport brands and seem to have a focus on beginner friendly discs. The Sune Sport disc line was PDGA approved in June of 2020, but these discs have just been released in the US for the first time.  All of the new Sune Sports discs are light weight and inexpensive. They don’t currently have any disc golf discs in traditional premium plastic blends.

Their original Guru discs were manufactured in the United States by Innova. They have eight new discs in two different plastic lines. It appears that these new discs are manufactured by Yikun as some of the plastics and disc mods are identical to discs made by Yikun.

Sune Sport Discs in Light Weight PlasticS-Plastic Light Edition

The S Plastic Light Edition seems to be the not-so-durable original Yikun plastic. This is the same plastic, and some of the same molds used by Kestrel Outdoors.  The focus of this plastic is cheap discs for beginners whose primary factor in deciding which disc to buy is price.

With Sune’s beginner focus, all of these discs have relatively light weights between 148-165 grams.

There are currently 6 discs in the Light Edition line. I found all of these discs to fly more untestable than their printed flight ratings indicate.

Short Slacker Distance Driver – This is a great first distance driver for beginners. I was able to get some great distance with this disc, but it required me to hyzer release it for 300+ feet of power. New players will enjoy the added disc of this understable distance driver.

Night Trooper Fairway Driver – This is an easy to throw fairway driver with a relatively straight flight path. It’s great for beginners in the ideal speed, weight, and stability.  This disc is similar to a DX Innova Leopard. This is the same mold as the Kestrel Driver and the Yikun View.

Silent Cruiser Midrange – This is a slightly overstable disc that doesn’t get as much distance as the drivers, but has a rim more similar to a driver than it does a traditional mid. This is a good disc for the line providing a different flight path when you need the disc to curve and fade hard. This appears to be the same mold as the Yikun Kui.

Mad Mission Midrange – This is a slow speed beaded approach disc that uses the same mold as the Yikun Wings and Kestrel Mid-Range. An excellent disc for approach shots or even putting.

Flow Motion Putter – The Flow Motion putter is a straight flying beadless putt and approach disc. This is a great first disc for beginners.

Inter Locked Putter – This is a traditional lid putter with a grove top that uses the same mold as the Yikun Claws and Kestrel Putter. The Inter Locked Putter is only available in the Sune starter set and cannot currently be purchased as a stand alone disc.

Safety Line Plastic

Sune Floppy Safety Line DiscsThe Safety Line plastic is great new product with a unique purpose — Safety. While there are other disc brands that have made other ultra floppy plastics before, the combination between ultra light weight and super soft make this a truly safe plastic. The current Safety Line discs weigh in the 115-125 gram range.

The primary focus of this plastic blend is to make disc golf more safe. While disc golf is a moderately safe sport, it’s not one that can effectively be done indoors or around large groups of people. Because these discs are so soft and light the risk of injury from is almost non existent.

There are currently two safety line discs. Even at the ultra low weights, these discs are relatively good flyers. Both discs are very similar blunt nose discs with thin rims. The Cirrus is listed as a midrange while the Cumulus is listed as a putter.

It appears that the Cumulus uses the same mold as the Flow Motion while the Cirrus has the same dimensions as the Mad Mission.

Another advantage, or possibly disadvantage of the Safety Line discs is that they float in water.

Starter Set

Sune also has a three disc starter set. This set includes the Night Trooper fairway driver, Mad Mission Midrange, and Inter Locked putter–which is only available by purchasing the three disc set. These three discs are exactly the same as those used in the Kestrel Disc Golf Set. The difference between the Sune 3 Disc set and the Kestrel set is that the Sune discs are in lighter weights making them better for beginners.