Streamline Pilot vs. Clash Butter–World Series of Putters Round 1

We are halfway through October and just over halfway through the first round of the Disc Golf Reviewer World Series of Putters! This is a project where I test two putter molds against one another on the putting green in a head-to-head competition and then post about my experience and the results. Today in the Envy Region the 4 seed Streamline Pilot takes on the 13 seed Clash Butter. Let’s first get to know each competitor a bit better.

Streamline Pilot

Streamline is a brand of discs that is part of the MVP Disc Sports family. Streamline launched a few years ago as the first MVP brand to not feature a GYRO technology overmold on each disc. While Streamline discs have no overmold, they still feature the same plastic blends used to make the MVP/Axiom molds.

The Pilot is Streamline’s primary putter. It is a tall straight to overstable flying putter that features a small bead along the bottom of the rim. The Pilot also has a pretty flat flight plate that carries out across most of the surface area of the disc.

For today’s test I used an Electron Pilot. Electron is the middle flexibility option for Streamline’s grippy base putter plastics. Though it is the middle option on flexibility, the Electron plastic is still quite firm.

Clash Butter

The Butter is the newest putting putter available from new Finnish disc manufacturer Clash Discs. The Butter is a very round rimmed beadless putter. The disc is on the taller side, and it has a slightly wider diameter and a pretty flat top.

I struggle to come up with a good disc comparison. The rim keeps wrapping into the bottom of the disc for a bit longer than most putters, which makes it remind me a bit of a shallower Discraft Focus with how it feels in the hand.

For our tests today I used a pair of Prototype stamped Hardy Butters. The Hardy plastic is a really beautiful tacky and stiff blend that feels very unique. Like I said when writing about the Clash Popcorn, it reminds me of the feel of a hard taffy candy.

Specifications and Flight Numbers

Let’s take a look at some of the specs courtesy of the PDGA and break down the major differences between these two putter molds.



Flight Numbers: 2/5/0/1

Flight Numbers: 3/3/0/1
Max Weight: 176.0gr
Diameter: 21.2cm
Height: 1.9cm
Rim Depth: 1.5cm
Rim Thickness: 1.0cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 18.2cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 7.1%
Rim Configuration: 64.00
Flexibility: 11.11kg
Max Weight: 178.5gr
Diameter: 21.5cm
Height: 2.1cm
Rim Depth: 1.5cm
Rim Thickness: 1.2cm
Inside Rim Diameter: 19.1cm
Rim Depth / Diameter Ratio: 7.0%
Rim Configuration: 67.25
Flexibility: 7.95kg
A spec that I didn’t anticipate noticing a difference in until I started throwing these discs together is the rim thickness. The Butter’s rim is a touch thicker because of how far it curls back into itself on the bottom before bending back up toward the flight plate. This design makes the rim just a bit larger, and it is definitely noticeable in the hand. The Pilot’s rim felt a bit more natural in the hand for me, but the Popcorn’s rim just took a few throws to get the grip right on it.
I really loved both plastic blends in this matchup. The Electron Pilot feels a bit more like a traditional putter plastic in its texture and grip. The Hardy Popcorn feels like something totally different. It is stiff and has more of what might be described as a “sticky” texture to it. They definitely feel different from each other, but I liked them both and felt really confident in my grip on each putt.
The wider diameter of the Butter is worth mentioning here as well. I don’t think it is so wide to make it uncomfortable or to have a real impact on how the disc interacts with the basket. Others might find it uncomfortable or at least an adjustment when gripping the Butter.

The Match

For more info on the format and scoring system I used to test these putters against each other, be sure to check out our main World Series of Putters post.
I conducted today’s match on a nice evening at a local disc golf course on a permanent Innova Discatcher basket. There was little to no wind or weather throughout the match. After warming up with both discs, a coin flip determined that the Streamline Pilot would go first on the first set of putts. Here is how it all played out:

(4) Pilot Scorecard

(13) Butter Scorecard

20ft: Y N Y Y Y N Y Y Y N (8/10 putts made)=24 points
20ft: Y Y Y Y Y Y N N Y Y (8/10)=24 points
30ft: Y N N N Y Y Y Y Y N (6/10)=24 points
30ft: N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N (5/10)=20 points
40ft: N N N N N N N N N N (0/10)=0 points
40ft: N N N N N N N N N Y (1/10)=5 points
Total: 48 points
Total: 49 points

The Winner

We have ourselves a buzzer beater win today with the last putt of the match going in from distance to decide the outcome! The 13 seed Clash Butter takes down the 4 seed Streamline Pilot 49 to 48.

Notes from the Match

This match was about as close as it can get. I made the same number of putts with each disc, and I at no point felt either disc was gaining an advantage over the other. With such a close score, I feel like this match exposed a potential flaw in my scoring system.
As I’ve done more of these matches, I’ve definitely felt like my 20ft putts have gotten better, but somehow it seems my 40ft putts have been getting worse. For several reasons, I really hope this trend doesn’t continue, but for matches when the 40ft putts are a struggle like they were tonight, the increased point values end up rewarding luck rather than a putter that is showing a consistent advantage from a longer distance.
I also think it is worth mentioning that I hit multiple 40ft putts with both putters during the warm up. I just couldn’t dial it in during the match apparently. Luck can come into play in any kind of competition though, and I guess lady luck was on the Butter’s side tonight.
But I also don’t want to sell the Clash Butter short here. The Hardy Butter is a really nice disc in a really nice plastic blend that I look forward to getting to know better as well.

My Recommendation

I can’t say this enough on this match–I really liked both discs. It truly was a situation where I wanted both discs to win. I’d recommend both these discs in a heartbeat. If I had to choose one for myself at this point, I’d probably still have to choose the Streamline Pilot. The main reason is though I really like the Hardy Butter, I think the Electron Pilot’s plastic and shape just feel a touch more familiar to me.
But the Clash Butter will get at least one more round to win me over! Tomorrow, we keep the first round of the World Series of Putters rolling in the Envy region as the 6 seed Discraft Roach takes on the 11 seed Yikun Hammer. See you there!