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Our site is designed to give honest reviews and opinions on the different disc golf courses we play, and the golf discs we use to play them. We are simply a group of disc golf players, that enjoy the game. We are not professionals, we just thought it would be fun to make a blog with reviews about the sport we are so passionate about, and give us an excuse to try different Frisbee discs and play Disc Golf Courses throughout the United States. Feel free to comment on our site, ask questions, share on Facebook, tweet with us, and interact!

Disc Reviews

Detailed Reviews of any disc golf disc
While many professional disc golf players can throw 500 feet, we can’t. Not even close. We are simply average golfers, and we give our reviews from the standpoint of the beginner or intermediate player. A high speed disc doesn’t really make much difference for golfers like us; in fact, they often produce adverse results that provide less distance and accuracy than understable fairway drivers.

The ideal way to play disc golf is to have a few great discs that you know how to throw, and that will perform exactly how you want. Not everybody should have every disc made by all the major golf disc manufacturers. Our reviews will help you to choose the best discs for different courses and throwing styles. We throw backhand, forehand, sidearm, and tomahawk, and will explain what we like to do to maximize efficiency on each hole. We perform tests and use statistical analysis to figure out exactly which discs provide the best results for different types of throws including: distance drives, accuracy drives, turnover throws, skill fade shots, straight shots, and long putts.

Purchasing golf discs can be confusing, it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many different types of golf discs and they come in different plastics, weights, and models. Our reviews will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the different plastics each manufacturer makes, and how to select the right weight for the type of disc you are looking for.

We have focused mostly on reviewing Innova Discs, but hope to review other brands at some point in the future, including: Discraft, Millennium, Westside, Latitude-64, Skyquest, and Wham-O Frisbee Discs. Our tests and statistical analysis will help you to find the best drivers, mid range, and putters so you can save money by not having to test the discs that just aren’t for you.

Disc Golf Course Reviews

Putt going into basket at University of Utah Disc Golf CourseFrisbee Golf is a great game that the entire family can enjoy. It’s also a good way to get exercise, stay in shape, and make friends. Disc Golf can be played at official disc golf courses, of which there are thousands of all over the country; it can also be played in the woods, on the college campus, or on any open space where one can safely throw a Frisbee. Unlike “regular” golf, disc golf courses are usually free to play. Courses can be in neatly kept parks, on useless waste land, or on the sides of rugged mountains.

We hope you get as much satisfaction out of Frisbee golf as we do, and hope that our reviews will be useful as you choose the best discs and look for good places to let the plastic fly.

2 thoughts on “Welcome To DiscGolfReviewer.com”

  1. I have been throwing traditional Frisbees for four decades and disc golfing for a couple years. I would love to say I am more than a beginner but, after reading through your site, I realize I know nothing compared to your membership. You say, “We are simply average golfers, and we give our reviews from the standpoint of the beginner or intermediate player. ” I say that those individuals posting reviews are way beyond that. They have enough experience to know/live all the terminology and can actually notice the smallest of differences in discs. Just the fact that they have thrown enough different discs enough times to have such strong opinions, not to mention many of them compete, pushes them into the advanced/expert class in my mind.
    Now, I am not complaining. The rest of us need these opinions to help us move to the next level. We average folks do not have the time or money to throw ten of the same disc in a field a couple hundred times just for practice, as one of the Innova videos suggests. However, in my case, I have come to the point where I need to decide if I want to stay a hacker or move on to the next level by way of actual practice time and dedicated discs. These opinions give me a glimpse of what is to come and how to get there.
    Right now, my friends and I play at about six courses within a 40-mile radius, including Rolling Ridge, a professional course rated #1 in our state. We (and half of the people we see playing) carry only one disc and we have no idea what that disc is designated for (fairway, driver, etc.). We also don’t know what the numbers on them mean (if there are even numbers). Yet, we par/birdie almost every hole. With all that being said, I am getting disappointed with my lack of consistency – half my drives angle way up in the air and the other half go flat and straight – even if I don’t want them to.
    Which leads me to my next point… in my search for (maybe) three discs to carry, I have realized that a company like Innova (who alone makes 80+ discs in 13 plastics and however many weights – equaling hundreds of combinations) is just yanking our chain. As good as their product is, it is a marketing scam to generate sales. I will never believe that anyone but the top professionals can take advantage of the minute differences claimed in the numbers. I know that the key is to find one that feels right for you, but there are way too many variables affecting the flight of a disc (including, but not limited to: body shape and mechanics like grip, release, arm swing, leverage, strength; natural elements like wind and the foliage affecting it, altitude, humidity, temperature, and terrain; disc composition like texture, density, shape, rigidity, mass, and size) to consistently take them all into account and successfully overcome them all. I am liking the idea of Vibram just for the fact that they are keeping it simple with just enough offerings to matter but not too many as to blur the lines between them.
    So, I will now get off my soapbox and say that this is an awesome sport. My friends and I have started getting out to play a round or two every week and have gotten our families into it as well. We have a great time because we are all relatively competitive but don’t keep score. This way it is much more casual and fun. We are aware of how we do on each hole but don’t dwell on it. As we are adults with busy lives, we occasionally skipped holes so we don’t have to wait for all those slow-ass players with a bag full of discs (sorry if this offends most of you, but there are other people waiting so just freaking play already!).
    As long as I am writing a novel, I will also mention that that my wife and I recently took along garbage bags to clean up our favorite local course. It is a freaking shame that so many people will leave so much garbage where they play. It blows my mind that these dirt bags will just throw their sh!t around every hole. This is a beautiful old-growth forested park/ski hill and yet they don’t think twice about breaking glass where they putt and turning the natural landscape in to a dump. We filled three large bags! I wonder how much will be out there the next time we go. To those who find it too hard to carry out what you carry in, grow the frick up already – you’re not little kids anymore. Life is not always easy and anything worth having takes effort. My wife and I are in our 50s and we dragged your crap up and down hills for 18 holes yet you can’t even carry one empty bottle to a garbage can three holes away? Really?!

    In the end, I like your site, I like disc golf, and I look forward to finding a few discs that will help me get better. Let’s just hope that all players take a little more pride in keeping their courses clean and safe.

    1. hey John

      Talking to other players on the course and reading a few reviews can point you in the right direction for disc selection. There are a ton of choices when it comes to discs but I would recommend getting a Discraft Buzzz and maybe a Latitude64 Pure.

      I also agree with you on the garbage in the park issue. My home course has trash containers at every t-pad and yet the garbage seems to rarely make it in. I myself get tired of picking it up and often yell at people saying “if you really want to live in a landfill I can arrange that”. To be fair I don’t think it is the disc golfers as much as the softball players and local kids hanging out in the park at dark (when the park is closed) to drink.

      Good luck to you in your efforts at learning disc golf, keeping your course clean, and hopefully educating the ignorant (hopefully not stupid) :).

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