World Series of Putters–Regional Championship Round (Quarterfinal) Preview

Happy Cyber Monday! We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday weekend and have been taking advantage of all the amazing disc golf deals all across the internet!

We decided to take a brief hiatus from the Disc Golf World Series of Putters this weekend. That hiatus will continue through the end of the month, and the first match from the Regional Championship Round will be posted on December 1.

Today we aren’t going to get into the stats and trends from the previous round, we will save that for our semifinal round preview post. Instead, we just want to share an update of which 8 discs are still standing and will be facing off later this week to determine the winners of our 4 bracket regions.

Regional Championship Round Matchups

This round is our quarterfinal round for the entire tournament, and it is the championship for each of the 1-16 seeded regions we created at the beginning of this project.

Alpaca Regional Championship

(2) Discraft Luna vs. (9) Clash Popcorn

P2 Regional Championship

(12) Lone Star Disc Jackrabbit vs. (15) Alfa Discs Snoopy

Envy Regional Championship

(1) Axiom Envy vs. (11) Yikun Hammer

Aviar Regional Championship

(9) Discmania Link vs. (10) Birdie Marvel

You can find links to all of the matches from the previous rounds of the World Series of Putters over at our main World Series of Putters post. This project has been educational and a lot of fun. If you haven’t been following along, go check out some of the earlier posts to get up to speed and be sure to follow along as we wrap things up in the next couple weeks.

In the semifinal round, the champion of the Alpaca region will be matched up against the champion of the Aviar region, which means the P2 region champion will go up against the Envy region champion.

Check back on December 1 to find out who will be crowned the champion of the Alpaca region. Will it be the 2 seed Discraft Luna, or the surprising 9 seed Clash Popcorn?