Video Review of the MVP MATRIX Plus Beginner MVP Discs

It’s time to check in with one of our favorite, down-to-earth, disc golf YouTubers, TUCK4S1.  He recently got a some easy-to-throw MVP discs from Infinite Discs and put together some helpful video reviews.  In this first video he looks at the ATOM putter, the TANGENT mid-range, and the ORBITAL distance driver:

In this next video, TUCK4S1 takes a look at the newest mid-range disc from MVP, the MATRIX:

Here is another video review of the MATRIX from Daddy Disc Golf:



matrix_proofThe Matrix was originally released as part of the 2016 MVP Circuit– a series of tournament events that feature new discs from MVP and Axiom.  Then in November 2016 it was released to the general disc golf market with both a stock stamp, and a limited edition stamp.  But one of the most sought-after editions of the Matrix was the three-color foil stamp, only released to the Infinite Discs VIP Club members.

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