Top 20 Best-Selling Discs by Model and Plastic (September 2017)

Every once in a while it is fun to take a look at which discs are the hottest sellers. Let’s take a look at the top twenty best sellers at Infinite Discs (the largest online disc seller), spanning the one-year period from September 2016 to September 2017.

This list will not only feature top-selling molds, but will break them out separately by plastic types. That means that a disc can only hold a spot if it is a top seller in a single plastic blend. For example: Star, Champion, and DX would not be combined to reach the sales total for any discs. That means that the same mold can show up multiple times in the best sellers if it sells well in multiple plastics. Likewise, there might be popular selling models, but with many different plastic types, none of which sell enough on their own to make the list (Wizards, for example).

Without further ado, here are the TOP 20 Discs (Sept. ’16 – ’17):

#1 Innova DESTROYER in Star 
#2 Innova FIREBIRD in Champion Colored Glow 
#3 Discmania P2 in D-Line 
#4 Innova NOVA in XT 
#5 Innova AVIAR in McPro 
#6 Innova DESTROYER in Swirly Star 
#7 Innova SHRYKE in Star 
#8 Innova THUNDERBIRD in Swirly Star 
#9 Innova TEEBIRD in Star 
#10 Dynamic Discs JUDGE in Classic Blend 
#11 Discmania P2 in P-Line 
#12 Latitude 64 DAGGER in Zero Hard 
#13 Westside HARP in BT Hard 
#14 Innova AVIAR3 in Star 
#15 Innova MAKO3 in Champion 
#16 Innova TEEBIRD3 in Metal Flake Champion 
#17 Innova AVIAR in DX 
#18 Innova ROC3 in McGlow
#19 Innova FIREBIRD in Champion
#20 Innova THUNDERBIRD in Champion

Looking at the following graph, you can see the disparity between the top few best-sellers, and the ones that come later in the list.

The top-selling Star Destroyer has sold four times the quantities as those taking up the second half of the list. All of those later positions are running a much closer race when compared to one another. There are nine drivers, two mid-range discs, and nine putters in the top twenty, demonstrating that the mid-range continues to be the ignored workhorse of the disc golf game.

It is also apparent that Innova is ruling both the top of the chart, plus the lower end of the chart, with other brands making small appearances. Innova has locked down 15 of the 20 spots, and much of that is due to the tremendous sales results of their signature discs that were released in 2017. The #2 Champion Colored Glow Firebird has been hugely successful, thanks to the Nate Sexton signature disc. Likewise, the McPro Aviar, McGlow Roc3, and Metal Flake TeeBird3 discs are big hits, thanks to Paul McBeth’s signature series. Other signature discs in the top 20 include the Swirly Star Destroyer supporting Philo Brathwaite, and the Swirly Star Thunderbird supporting Jeremy Koling.

Here is what the top 20 list would look like if those six signature series discs were removed, just as a point of interest:

One of the big surprises for the last year has been the Discmania P2 putter which makes the top 20 twice, in both D-Line and P-Line plastics. The popularity of the P2 has skyrocketed and supplies have even been scarce on occasion at Discmania’s US distribution center. It is clearly the best-selling putter for 2017 to this point, and doesn’t appear to be slowing.

It should also be noted that the sales statistics at Infinite Discs were affected by certain special-edition stamps that gave models a boost, including the Star Destroyer with several special-edition stamps including the XXL “Destroy” stamp, or the Champion Firebird and Champion Thunderbird which featured “Firebread” and “Thunderbread” stamps. The P2’s and Novas have also featured popular Infinite Disc stamps like the Infinite Aztec and Infinite Bomber. Though those were all strong models to begin with, it is likely that special edition stamps gave the total sales a boost.

Absent from the top 20, though still pushing upward in terms of overall sales, are brands like MVP / Axiom, Discraft, Prodigy, Vibram, and Gateway. Also making a strong showing for new brands in 2017 are Streamline, Viking Discs, and Mint Discs, along with up-trending sales from smaller brands like RPM Discs and Kastaplast.

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  1. I must agree that Innova’s use of the signature series was for sure a huge sales bump. Coming from a consumer perspective I feel it has a lot to do with Innova’s percoeved inconsistencies in product. I have found the marketed signature and special discs, from Innova in particular and other brands to a degree, are typically more consistent. Most are in a specific weight range and all carry similar characteristics of one another. However in the mass produced versions of these same molds consistency would be less a factor then supplying demand.

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