Take the 2017 State of Disc Golf Survey

The last three years, Infinite Discs has solicited feedback through an annual State of Disc Golf Survey.  The survey features questions spanning several hot topics within the disc golf market. It has questions about disc brand preferences, what you use to carry discs, your disc arsenal, playing styles, favorite pros, disc golf media, local courses, tournament participation, and more.

The results of the survey are shared with disc manufacturers who are interested in measuring how players feel about their brands and how the disc golf demographic is evolving.  In exchange, several of those manufacturers provide prizes that are given away to randomly selected survey participants. You can win prizes ranging from a practice basket (MVP Black Hole Pro) to a wide range of individual discs from brands like Gateway, Element Discs, Full Turn, and more.  The survey results are also broken up into bite-sized pieces by topic and shared through future blog posts on the Infinite Discs Blog.

The larger the sample of participants, the more accurately the survey can display the changing trends within the disc golf market, so we invite YOU to take a few minutes to take the survey. It is fun to take and your opinions matter!


Feel free to invite all of your friends to take the survey, especially if they are not active on social media and may not be aware of it.  Show them how to find it on their phone by visiting this blog on DiscGolfReviewer.com

Thanks for your participation in the 2017 survey! Feel free to leave any feedback or requests for future survey questions in the comments.