Putting Practice/Tests

Put putting practice as priority. How is that for alliteration?

In general, we notice that many people focus on how far they can throw their disc, and which disc is going to fly forever, but we all know that what really makes or breaks or your game of disc golf is priority. What we are doing for everybody is helping you determine which disc is the best for your putting practice.

We are gathering putters from every major manufacturer, and when our minds get a little bit distracted at work, we head out for a round of throwing a minimum of twenty putters from twenty five feet. If it goes in, the disc gets another tally. The disc with the best percentage is the one that you should purchase. We would like to do hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of puts before we publish our results. But let me say, so far I am 4/4 on the Vibram VP from 25 feet… it is the only disc which still has a flawless performance from me.

So stay tuned on our putter pages, so you can find out which putter will help you increase your game!