John Adams Park Disc Golf Course in Brigham City Utah

The Frisbee Disc golf course at John Adams park in Brigham City, Utah is a great little course for beginners and those who just like to throw a disc around. It has just nine baskets, and none of them are very long. The first time I played this course I got four birdies, and I’m not exactly a great disc golfer. There are a few trees, and a stream that meanders by three of the holes; there are very few obstacles. If you throw cautiously, and don’t experiment with new discs, you shouldn’t have any problems losing discs on this course.

John Adams Disc Golf Course - Brigham City UT

The course has several holes that overlap each other. If there are other groups of golfers out, you will have to wait for these parties to vacate the tee boxes and fairways before letting your discs fly. You also must be careful not to hit parties having family reunions, enjoying leisurely walks, or playing tennis. The park also seemed to be filled with young hoodlums. Maybe it was just the time I was there, but while I didn’t worry about losing my discs, I was worried that some little thug would take off with them. It was just an interesting crowd of people that were hanging out at the park.

The park is well maintained and has concrete teeing areas. There is even a restroom and drinking fountain. The tee boxes do not have maps that indicate basket distances or hazards (I think there may have been some at one time, but it looks like vandals may have removed the signs). The teeing pads look like they used to indicate the Par and distance, but it looks like they need a repaint. If you are a power thrower, be careful on number one as your disc might end up in the stream you don’t realize is there. Finding your way from basket to tee box could take some time if there aren’t other golfers around to follow.

Overall this is a great Frisbee golf course if you want to build some confidence in your game and get a very good score.

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Favorite Discs For John Adams Park

The Beast – There aren’t any really long holes at John Adams park, so accuracy is more important than distance. The layout of the trees makes this course most favorable for backhand drives. Since I primarily drive forehand, I like using a driver that I can throw with accuracy, and that has with a strong turn rating. The Innova Beast is a good disc for this, and I use it on my drives for holes 4, 7, and 8.
The Gator – With the short holes, my second shots (and the teeing pads for holes 3, and 9) require a very short midrange shot. (If you’re a more accurate driver than me, you’ll probably only need your putter). My favorite disc for mid-range accuracy is the Innova Gator.

2 thoughts on “John Adams Park Disc Golf Course in Brigham City Utah

  1. What a great course! I am a beginning disc golfer and this course was just right for me. For beginners, it provides enough of a challenge that it is fun, but it is not difficult enough to make me really frustrated, and therefore lose the fun factor. I will be golfing there again soon, possibly after purchasing a new disc on this site!

  2. After visiting this course again, it was just as good the second time around. We did two rounds and in between we visited Pizza Hut and had the best experience ever! So next time you go disc golfing, HEAD TO PIZZA HUT. It’s only about four minutes away located on Main Street at 620 South. James was our server and he was super cool – even hooked us up with some free breadsticks and cinnastix because we were waiting for our food (who doesn’t wait for their pizza to finish? So that was a bonus!)

    My wife even came with me and enjoyed it! That really says this is a good laid back course that’s enjoyable for all skill levels – perhaps a little lacking for any pro.

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