New MVP Stable/Overstable Driver

MVP Shock - Stable DriverMVP is known for making high quality golf discs. Almost everyone I know, who has tried MVP discs, keeps them in their bags. These are some of the highest rated golf discs on the market. Disc golfers all over the country are replacing Roc’s and Buzzz’s with Vector’s and Axis’s.

Until a few months ago, MVP was known as the company that makes great putters and mid range discs. When they released the Volt, their first fairway driver, on October 25th, it was one of the most hyped up golf discs ever. Fans of the Anode’s and Ion’s were thrilled to finally get a MVP driver. While this disc was a driver, it didn’t get the high ratings and accolades that the other MVP discs received. Many powerful disc golfers were disappointed with the Volt, and thought it was too “flippy.” I’m not exactly a power thrower myself, and I found that I needed to release the Volt at a slight hyzer angle to get good distance out of it.

Well, now a new MVP driver is about to be released.


It’s almost as if MVP listened to all the complaints about the Volt, and sought to make a disc that answered these concerns.

This driver is supposed to be “more stable than the Volt” but not necessarily overstable. MVP claims that “with a high power throw, it will hold a long straight line with less turn and immense glide followed by a late dependable fade.”

The Shock will be available February 1st. If you wan’t to be one of the first disc golfers to ever get their hands on this fairway driver, you can pre-order at a discounted price at forĀ  just $14.98.

Pre-order the MVP Shock Now!