New Discs for April 2014

Innova DaedalusWhile the theme of new disc releases for the first quarter of 2014 has was under stable mids and beginner friendly drivers, April is going to bring us a plethora of new high speed distance drivers. The most popular of this new batch of discs will likely be the Innova Daedalus, but the other new models will get some disc golfers very excited. Here’s a breakdown of the new distance drivers, and when we expect them to be available to the masses.

Innova Daedalus – The Daedalus is a speed 13 driver with a turn rating of -4. This disc is designed to give intermediate disc golfers the extra distance they most desire. With a 2.3cm wide rim, the Daedalus looks to be a cross between the Innova Tern (2.2cm) and the Vulcan (2.4cm). One interesting rating of note is that the Daedalus has a glide rating of 6. Technically, this driver should fly further than the Vulcan. For for avid disc golfers who can’t really bomb it, this disc might just do the trick. The Daedalus will be initially available in new G-Star plastic. If you haven’t had an opportunity to try G-Star, the release of the Daedalus is the excuse you’ve been waiting for. The Daedalus will be available to authorized Innova retailers beginning April 15th.

MVP Tesla – The second distance driver in the MVP line, the Tesla, will be a touch more stable than the ultra popular Inertia. I’ve heard of several disc golfers who have achieved new distance records with the Inertia. The Tesla should provide more consistent throws, especially for disc golfers with a little more power.  This new MVP disc will be available in neutron plastic. A limited number of special edition discs were printed on a black face plate with the Nikoli Tesla stamp. The Tesla will be available at retailers on April 18th.

Vibram Four20 – The fourth high speed driver in the Vibram lineup will be available soon. The O-Lace wasn’t overstable enough for big arms and strong headwinds, so Vibram is giving us the Four20 — the most overstable Vibram Driver. This new distance driver has a 2.4cm wide rim (just like the Lace). While April 20th would be an appropriate release date for this disc, there still has not been any official word from Steve Dodge and company.

DGA Torrent – In effort to one up the other new driver releases, the DGA Torrent is being advertised as one of the rare Speed 14 drivers. With flight ratings 14/5/-1/3 it looks like Torrent will be pretty overstable and likely won’t perform well for disc golfers without big arms. If you like DGA, and you like fast discs, you’re going to want to try this one. The Torrent should make it on some retailers shelves by the end of this week.

Dynamic Discs Enforcer – The new speed 12 Enforcer is said to be the more overstable brother of the Trespass. This distance driver is designed for wind and big arm players. While the Enforcer was PDGA approved and announced in April, it likely won’t be available to retailers until May.

Legacy Outlaw – The Outlaw is another new disc that has been announced, but we are unsure of when it will actually be available. This disc is supposed to be Legacy’s replacement for the Innova Destroyer — a speed 12 stable driver with a 2.3cm rim. This will be a fast driver, but a touch more manageable than the Cannon and Rampage. Legacy fanatics will be very excited about this new release.