New Discs for 2013

As disc golf keeps growing, so do the number of manufacturers, and the number of disc golf discs.

2013 is just around the corner, and we already know of half a dozen or so different discs that will come out in the new year. Some of these discs look pretty promising, while others are just…. more discs. As these new discs come out, we will be sure to test and review them, and let you know if they are worth their cost in plastic.

Here are the discs that will be coming in early 2013:

1. Innova Tern – The Tern is a disc I’m really excited about. This will be an understable speed 12 driver with a moderated sized rim. Right now, there aren’t any understable discs on the market in this speed classification.  According to Innova, the tern will be realeased “early next year.” Innova’s projected flight ratings for this disc are 12/6/-4/1 in Star plastic, and 12/6/-2/2 in Champion mold. While we all know that disc flight paths are effected by plastic type, disc wear, etc. I think its interesting that the ratings are so drastically different for this brand new disc, right out of the box.

Innova Rock 32. Innova Roc 3 – Because of Roc’s cult like following, this disc will probably be the biggest seller of the new year. This new version of the Roc is expected to be available in in Champion plastic, and will be a little bit faster (speed 5) than the current Roc. Flight ratings 5/4/0/3. 

3. Discraft Zombee – The disc that was released for this years “Ace Race” has been named the Zombee. This disc is said to be like a longer  faster Buzzz. Discraft gives it a stability rating of 1.0. We have no idea when this disc will be released to retailers, just that it will be in 2013.

Westside Stag4. Westside Stag – The Stag is going to be a high glide fairway driver with a heavy fade. This disc should make a great straight driver for power throwers, that will resist turning over. This disc should be good for all types of throws. Westside gives the Stag flight ratings of 8/6/0/3.

Westside Tursas5. Westside Tursas – The Tursus is a new understable midrange disc. This octo fish should have a major turn, and will be available in the ultra quality VIP plastic (Latitude OptoLine). Westside gives this disc flight ratings of 5/5/-3/1.

Westside Underworld6. Westside Underworld – To complement the Stag, this new fairway driver is going to be a very understable disc. This should be a great new disc for beginners. This and all the new Westside discs should be released at the first of March 2013. Westside gives the Underworld flight ratings of 7/6/-3/1.

7. Prodigy Discs – And a whole slew of them, perhaps up to 10. We know that the Prodigy D1, and D4 are coming out in January, D2, D3 in February, some putters in March, then mid range and fairway drivers in March or April. We don’t yet have details on what the flight paths of these discs will be like.

8. MVP Shock – For those that love MVP discs, but thought that the Volt was too understable, the Shock is the solution. this fairway driver enhanced by Gyro technology is supposed to be the new premium fairway driver. Stable, but without an overwhelming degree of turn. The Shock will be available at the beginning of February. Pre-order the MVP shock now.

For flight paths, and more information on these up coming discs, check out  the appropriate links at

Are there any other discs you know about that will be released in 2013? If so leave a comment and we’ll do our homework.