Introducing Mid-Range Discs from Element Discs

ELEMENT DISCS is one of the newer boutique or “craft disc” makers in the market. They kicked off their brand with a pair of really nice putters in the Iridium and the Plutonium.  The discs are manufactured at the Gateway plant, so the plastics are in the same vein as Gateway’s usual quality and feel.

Now Element Discs has unleashed a line of mid-range discs ranging from understable to overstable. Let’s take a quick look at the three main mid-range discs that are now available.


One of the first things that a player will notice as they pick up the Lithium, as well as the Radium, is that there are no sharp edges on the inside rim. The inside rim is very smooth where the rim meets the bottom of the flight plate. It is also very smooth on the edge of the rim where it slides off the fingers upon release. This makes the grip very comfortable, and the somewhat shallow rim also works well for smaller hands. The Lithium can fly as straight as an arrow when thrown flat and low, landing right on target within that 100-200 foot range. When thrown harder, it pulls to the understable side. When thrown higher, it has a gentle fade.  All in all, the Lithium flies exactly as you’d hope with a mid-range aimed at pinpoint accuracy.  The player is in complete control of that flight. Nothing about the disc’s characteristics get in the way.  It would be comparable to a Buzzz or perhaps a Buzzz SS and is highly recommended for newer players. Even younger players shouldn’t have much trouble with the Lithium.


Just like the Lithium, the Radium’s inner rim is very smooth. There is a very slight bead on the rim. It is slightly more overstable than the Lithium, so it fades more quickly to the natural fade side, though it is by no means a “beefy” disc. It can be thrown with finesse and great accuracy.  The speed rating on the Radium is higher than the Lithium, making it almost a fairyway driver hybrid. It can be thrown with more power without turning into an instant roller, and it can fly a respectable distance.  It would also work wonderfully for newer players, but also offers itself as a workhorse mid-range / fairway driver for more experienced players, since it is stable enough to throw with more power. The one downside when throwing it with more power is that the smooth inner rim can cause the disc to slip off the fingers earlier than intended.  That smooth comfort can come with a price if you have larger hands.



The Uranium is the beefy, overstable entry into Element’s line of mid-range discs, and it certainly doesn’t take that role lightly.  Though rated with a Turn: 0 / Fade 2, this disc certainly flew as if it was even more overstable than advertised.  A backhand thrower will have to know that this disc will begin its turn earlier than expected. But forehand throwers will likely find this a very fun disc to throw. The inside rim is not at all like the Lithium and Radium. It is steep, flat, and sharp on the inside, making it more friendly to the finger placement for a forehand thrower, and the disc flies straighter for longer distance when flicked. The Uranium has a very similar feel to the very popular Harp by Westside, but as a mid-range, is built for more distance than the Harp. Still, players who use a Harp would probably find themselves very much at home with a Uranium.

Once again, concerning the plastic blends offered by Element Discs, they are from the Gateway factory, so the Terra plastics are the Soft blends from Gateway, and though they feel really nice and have great grip, they can be softer and are more easily dinged when they hit hard objects. The Hydra plastic is equivalent to Gateway’s Evolution plastic, and is the more premium, durable blend, though a little more slick with less grip.

Element Discs is steadily building a fun arsenal of discs, and we look forward to seeing what they come up with in the fairway and distance driver range.  So far, so good.

144 thoughts on “Introducing Mid-Range Discs from Element Discs

  1. That uranium looks amazing. I love that is a little beefer as that is my preferred style in a mid range. I am excited to see the smooth inner rim.

    1. I would love to give the radium a try I’ve been looking to bridge the gap between fairway and mid.

  2. All of these discs seem great honestly! If I had to pick one to win though, it would be the lithium. I’ve never really had a mid range that truly felt comfortable for me, and this seems like it might just be what I need to work with my small hands haha

  3. Big fan of Gateway and the periodic table, so these are great! Would love to check out that new Lithium…

  4. I was sold on the Uranium right up until it was compared to the Harp. As a 95% forehand guy this was right up my alley but the Harp is not the best forehand disc for me. Being that I’m always up to improving my game and I’d really like to work more on my backhand I would like to try the Lithium. It sounds like a good disc for a beginning backhander.

  5. The Iridum sounds nice. Anything “buzz”-like has my attention. Especially if it’s better at shorter ranges rather than longer.

  6. The radium seems right up my alley! I’ve been looking for a straight-flying mid with predictable fade.

  7. The radium is the perfect build for difficult approach shots..I believe that you need a disc that can get you out of trouble quick and reliable.. The radiam fits the bill.

  8. I would like to try the lithium, since I haven’t been playing that long and I’m still working on my distance.

  9. Lithium is a chemical element with the symbol Li and atomic number 3. It is also used during the process of creating nuclear fusion. For these reasons I can’t wait to chuck that sucker. Bring it on!

  10. Radium sounds pretty sweet. I love longer mids and have been searching for a good, true 0,1. Sounds like this might be it.

  11. Well call me Martin Heinrich Klaproth and slap me with a Periodic Table, the Uranium just inspired me to go back to school. The physics of this disc and forehand compatibility have my atoms all up in orbit. Should this disc find a home in my hand, I’ll test fire it 100 times on my Recruit basket on video and see if it ignites my Bunson burner.

  12. The Uranium sounds like a promising disc. I am intrigued by both the look and the description of the fade.

  13. I’m a girl. With small hands. So the Lithium sounds like the best choice for me. Plus, I like that it flies straight.

  14. Uranium sounds like it could be in the gator or buzzz OS category. Would like to try another one of this type of flight pattern. The smooth rims of the other two sound sweet as well.

  15. The Radium sounds like a great disc to add to my arsenal. It sounds like it would be perfect for those mid-range shots where I want a good flight with a predictable fade.

  16. I would love to try a Lithium. The smooth rim feel might be really nice on medium to short approach type shots. I really like the Gateway plastic I’ve had. That should be great for Element!

  17. All sound great but I’d like to try the Lithium. One part of my game I’m working on right now is slight hyzer flips that flip up and fly straight for a long ways, especially for downhill shots. Hope I win!

  18. I think the Lithium looks very cool. I would definitely like to throw it around. Had me sold when you said would be like a Buzz.

  19. I have been considering trying a more overstable midrange like the harp so I would choose the Uranium in the Hydra plastic

  20. The lithium sounds like a good pair to have in the bag alongside my roc3. I love the idea of an ultra smooth release to ensure a nice straight tunnel shot doesn’t get yanked right into the woods. Would love to add it to the lineup!

  21. I really would like to try out the radium. The one mid range I throw now is a little under stable and I wouldn’t mind trying one out that is opposite of that. Thanks for bringing new products out for this amazing sport.

  22. I’d love to give the Radium a try. The description indicated it would be a great disc for all weather conditions and player ability . It should be a disc a player could as he or she’s experience level changes.

  23. Would definitely love to throw the lithium considering they can be compared to the buzzz and since the buzzz is my all around go to disc, I would definitely be willing to give one a try..

  24. I would pick the Lithium, although they all seem to be fine discs. The lithium seems to be exceptionally versatile.

  25. I’d like to give the uranium a try. I’ve been getting a little more power and looking for something a little more beefy. Looks like it could be a great addition to my bag

  26. The Radium sounds like a fun disc to play around with. The smooth inner rim is also very intriguing…

  27. I’d love to play the Litbium. I’m looking for a slightly understable that will go straight or right. This company excites me!

  28. Radium is definitely the winner in the Element/Faction Disc Golf midrange line-up. So reliable it’s not even fair! 😀

  29. The Uranium, looking for a nice forehand flicker. Always trying new plastics to improve my game.

  30. That uranium would fit nicely in my bag. Been looking for a good os mid and like the way gateway plastic feels. would love to try one.

  31. The Radium looks like it could be the for my noodley arm!!
    Drive for dough, putt for par

  32. The Radium looks like a cool disc to throw! I play a couple holes where my fairway driver will skip too long put it’s hard to get a mid to the basket. Maybe this hybrid will do the trick.

  33. The Radium sounds just like the disc I need in my bag right now. The MVP matrix was filling that spot but it’s fading less and less as it’s got beat in

  34. The Lithium sounds like a great fit for me! That’s the one I would want to try first! Thanks Infinite for this cool giveaway!

  35. From this review, it sounds like the Radium would be a grip-tester. I’ve seen some discs with barely an edge, and they looked like they’d not be receptive to a power throw. I’d like to give this one a try to see how it holds up to a mid-power throw.

  36. As a relative beginner, and a woman, I only have one midrange I love. I’d like to try the Lithium

  37. All of these discs sound good, but I’m intrigued by the hybrid fairway driver aspect of the Radium. Smooth release when applying a little more power is something rare in a mid-range.

  38. These new additions sound great! As a rhfh player, I would really like to give the Uranium a throw! Cheers! 🙂

  39. I’ve been searching for a forehand disc since I started playing one year ago this Christmas. I would love to give the Uranium a go. I can already visualize the flight path!

  40. I am a older player looking to improve my left to right game with an understable disc so the Lithium sounds like a good start. But being the Discwhore that I am I would love any of these discs to try out.

  41. I love Gateway, and would love to try one of these discs. I think the Radium would fly awesomely.

  42. It’s a toss up between the Radium and Lithium as both sound like great discs. In the end I chose the Lithium. Something I can throw flat and straight with a nice smooth release. Besides, you can’t go wrong when a disc is compared to the timeless classic Buzzz.

  43. As a newer player, I’d love to grow the lithium! I’m working on my mid-range throws and it sounds like it is more forgiving for less experienced players

  44. I would love the opportunity to throw the Radium! Seems like an awesome addition to the Element line.

  45. would like to try the Lithium I could use a straight to understable mid,, would fit perfect inmy bag

  46. would like to try the Lithium I could use a straight to understable mid in my bag,, could be exactly what I am missing

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