Destroyer vs. the Replicas

In the past I had two Destroyers, both of which I hated. Both of them were overstable, and as a beginner, I could not throw them at all. Which made me believe that they’re not that great of a disc. It also baffled me as to why it had such a big following. As I thought only big arms could throw the disc as it should be thrown. However, since then I have learned some things that I hope to share with you and that you’ll enjoy. All the while comparing a few discs that are supposed to be like the Destroyer to see which one is best.

The disc golf market is flooded with all kinds of discs. It seems that there are a lot of duplicate discs between all the brands as well. Ever since Innova released the Destroyer, other brands have worked to replicate it, due to its huge success. Thus far their efforts haven’t been as fruitful as the Destroyer’s. Is that because they’re not as good? Or is it simply that the first is always the best?

I grabbed a few of the brands and went for a field day. For comparison side by side I grabbed the Innova Destroyer, Discmania DD3, Infinite Discs Emperor, Discraft Zeus, and Dynamic Discs Raider.

To set the scene a little bit for you, my drives rang within the 320′ – 360′ generally. My form is pretty consistent, so much that I can replicate a throw about 70% of the time. Meaning that I get the same flight path and land within 45′ radius of the last throw. I’ll share the results of my findings first, and then explain the characteristics of the discs that I threw.

Out of these discs that I threw, I like the Infinite Discs Emperor more than all of the other discs. This was due to its With that said though, it is quite marginally that I liked it more. You can watch Ace Run’s Pro throwing Swirley S-Blend and Garret Gurthie’s signature:

I liked the emperor because it was a stable version instead of overstable, like what a destroyer is advertised as. We all know that a Destroyer comes in all stabilities. The overstable Destroyer is too much for me to throw and not have it dump to the right for me. All my other Destroyers have been this, very overstable and difficult for me to throw. Now that we’re talking about the variation of the stability, I found this video quite helpful explaining the difference.  You can watch it on your own time by clicking here, or watch it below:

Looking at these discs that I threw, and comparing how they flew. You could easily see among the Innova made discs the variation of stability. Within the ones that I threw, this is how they ranked from stable to overstable:

  1. I-Blend Emperor
  2. S-Blend DD3
  3. Star Destroyer
  4. ESP Zeus
  5. Opto Raider

The Raider was by far the most overstable disc of this batch. I didn’t like throwing it, it always flew straight and then dumped. The disc never flew out to the right a little like the other discs did.

The Zeus had nothing to note about it. It did fly well though, I would get it to fly out to the right a little before it would fade out.

The Destroyer was a little on the overstable side, again this is very slight difference.

The DD3 was a little more on the stable side, this was more comfortable for me to throw.

The Emperor was the closest to stable for me of the bunch. Hence, it was the easiest for me to throw. Which lead to me getting the biggest distance out of it. Making it my favorite disc out of the bunch.

As a disclaimer, that I was hinting to at first. Within the Innova made discs, there is a decent amount of variation among them all. You could give me another Emperor that would be more overstable, and as such,  I wouldn’t like it. Or you could give me Destroyer that throws just like the Emperor that I liked and I would enjoy it just as much. The point is that not two Destroyers are going to throw the same. Even looking at other Raiders or other Zeuses, I could see some variation within those as well. The variations among these are slight, and may or may not affect the flight path all that much. Only way to tell is by throwing them.

What do you guys think; are there variations within Discraft’s Zeus, or Dynamic Discs’ Raider, or Innova’s Destroyer’s, or Infinite Discs’ Emperor, or Discmania’s DD3?


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