Innova Cheetah

Innova Cheetah: Fairway Driver

The Cheetah is one of my favorite fairway drivers. When I initially started test throwing disc golf discs, the Cheetah often flew further than my distance drivers, and it was more accurate. Beginners don’t necessarily need high speed drivers, and initially the Cheetah was one of my best, straightest flying, most accurate discs.

Cheetah’s Distance Performance

The Innova Cheetah is a low speed (6) fairway driver that comes in the inexpensive DX plastic. It comes in light weights and provides a fairly straight flying path. The Cheetah has an average glide rating (4)

Cheetah’s Turn and Fade

With a decent turn at -2, and a steady fade of 2, the Cheetah is a good disc for those who want to drive far with good accuracy. This disc is ideal for narrow openings, corridors, and fairways which will need a straight flight.

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  1. Also if you are looking for a tad bit more distance but a very similar great disc, try the Millennium Polaris LS. I believe it is a 9,5,-2,2 Really straight driver and can get distance.

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