How to Make Money from Disc Golf by Blogging

I’m not a professional disc golfer, not even close, but I have found a way to make money off of my passion of disc golf through blogging.

If you like writing, and disc golf, you too can make money from disc golf (and or get lots of free stuff). Here are the steps we’ve used at to make disc golf money.

  1. Build a Website

    Building a website may seem like a daunting task if you’ve never done it before, but it’s actually pretty simple, and only costs a couple bucks a month. If you ever do get stuck, there is most likely a Youtube video that can explain exactly what to do. To build a website you need a domain name, hosting account, and website platform (I use wordpress).

    Get a good website domain name and server to host your new disc golf blog. My recommendation is Hostinger. Not only is it about the most affordable web host available (there are actually limited free options, but once you actually start getting real traffic, you’ll need to upgrade to withstand all the users), but it includes a free SSL certificate (must have for SEO reasons) and free domain name.


  2. Add Compelling Content

    Find your niche, what do you like, I liked reviewing discs and started there, but there are endless possibilities of ways to make an engaging disc golf related site. You could create information for fantasy disc golf, team competitions, disc golf drama, or insider information of what life is like as a professional. Consider

  3. Subscribe to an Affiliate program.

    I’ve used Amazon Affiliate, EBay Affiliate, and a Commission Junction program through Summit Sports, but by far the most profitable one (and best for a disc golf website) is the Infinite Discs affiliate program. Because disc golf is such a specialty sport, you need to be able to offer the hottest and latest products and only a disc golf specific site like Infinite Discs keeps up on that kind of information. The other problem I found using Amazon and E-bay is that product listings were not always updated, so links I created to their affiliate sites soon became worthless after the products sold.

    The Infinite Discs affiliate program will only approve you if you have a website that already has good content, so make sure your site is up and running before applying.

    Apply for the Infinite Affiliate Program Here

  4. Create a social media presence

    In today’s internet world, the way to get traction and traffic to your website is by growing your social media channels. Create a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for your disc golf website. The platform we use, and I recommend is wordpress. It has numerous plugins and features that can give you worlds of different options. You can even set things up to automatically post your latest blog posts to your social media platforms.

    Actually making money from your disc golf website takes a lot of work, but it can also be lots of fun, and can be profitable.