Great Beginners Discs from DGA (Disc Golf Association)

We’re going to take a quick look at what would make a great starter set of discs from DGA (Disc Golf Association). But aside from being great discs for beginning players, I also feel that these discs make a great addition to any bag, even for intermediate to advanced players who know how to shape their throws.

STEADY – Putter

Named after “Steady” Ed Headrick, the founder of DGA and one of the quintessential pioneers of disc golf, this putter is designed to fly straight and true with only a slight end fade. Even for low speed drives, this putter can hold a very steady line. It makes a great putter for beginners who want to work on their technique without having the disc’s characteristics get in the way.  When it comes to putters, the feel of the disc in your hand is one of the most important characteristics. The Steady is a beaded putter, so it feels good if you like to rest your finger on the rim, or if you like the feel of beads and a deeper rim in general. If you’re not a fan of beaded putters, then it might not be the disc for you, but it really takes a few throws to know if the rim design feels right for you.

SQUALL – Mid-Range

One of the most crucial discs for new players is the mid-range. Often a new player doesn’t have the experience or technique to release drivers with very much accuracy. The drivers require higher speeds to stay aloft, and since new players often can’t throw at those high speeds, the drivers fall out of the air sooner than hoped.  Many new players find themselves throwing mid-range discs or fairway drivers with more distance and accuracy than distance drivers.  A disc like the Squall is perfect for that learning curve. It is a straight-flying mid-range disc that has great glide and can carry for a good distance while new players are learning to flatten their release.  It is an easy-to-tame disc that won’t pull too much to one direction or the other, so it works as a general purpose golf disc.

PIPELINE – Fairway Driver

I cannot say enough good things about the Pipeline.  This is a disc is the kind of fairway driver that players at any level should have in their bag for lower-power, control shots. With a speed a step above that of a mid-range, the Pipeline has the potential to fly much further, yet still does not require a high-power release.  You can dial your power back and focus on a controlled release, and the Pipeline will fly beautifully.

The Pipeline can fly very straight when thrown at moderate speeds and can carry for distances around 300 feet with the right release. It will finish with a gentle fade instead of a dramatic drop. Plus, if you’re a skilled player and want a great anhyzer disc, the Pipeline can make the turn and then hold the new flight path.  For example, I’m a right handed, backhand thrower, and I can release the Pipeline with my wrist cocked right, and the disc will make a right-hand turn and then straighten out, following its new path without crashing to the ground prematurely. Thus, it becomes a very good “shot shaping” disc that can be used beyond beginner level. The Pipeline was one of my favorite discoveries of 2016 when it was released.

SAIL – Distance Driver

Though many beginners struggle with distance drivers, the Sail would be one of the distance drivers that I would strongly recommend to a newer player. It is very understable, meaning that it is forgiving to slower arm speeds or releases that are not the most “flat.” It will still “pop up” and fly for a respectable distance. I’ve also seen a player who was recovering from a shoulder injury pick up a Sail as his primary driver because he could not release with full power, yet the Sail would still achieve the desired distance with less effort. The Sail is the distance disc for those who want to practice throwing a little further, but who have struggled in their efforts. Once you’ve got the hang of throwing with more power, you may eventually overpower the Sail. For more experience players, it is a disc that you’d use more of understable turns with very little end fade. All in all, the Sail is one of the best distance drivers I’ve seen for new players, and I’ve also recommended it to young players and women who sometimes feel like they can never match the distance of their male counterparts.

One of my favorite disc reviewers for beginners discs is TUCK4S1 on Youtube, and he just gave these DGA discs a wonderful video review that is worth checking out.