Disc Golf Video Reviews

When we started disc golf reviewer, the goal was to provide disc and course reviews. We’ve been a little side tracked in the last couple years, and haven’t provided nearly as many reviews as anticipated.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so that must make videos worth even more. There are some pretty good YouTube channels out there that are providing some nice reviews, where you can actually see the disc flight yourself. Here are some links to the top quality disc review channels.

Infinite Discs Review Channel

This channel is new, but the quality is outstanding. Dan and Tyler are intermediate disc golfers (like most of us). They use a a good variety of explanation and demonstration. The Infinite review team is reviewing all kinds of discs from all the manufactures.

Hucking Aces

Big Country Andrew Belet is the Review King. This guy has thrown more different disc varieties than just about anyone on the planet. He knows his stuff and does a great job explaining the discs he’s throwing. And while he has tested and played just about everything, he is also is an amateur disc golfer. The camera work of these reviews is a little lacking, but the quality of the content is there.

Go Ham Disc Golf

The Go Ham You Tube video is full of all sorts of reviews, giveaways and disc golf explanations. Big John is an experienced disc golfer who provides some insightful disc reviews with both reviews and some flight info. The camera quality of this video blog lack, but that will apparently be changing in the near future.

Disc Golf Weekly

Disc Golf Weekly is a video blog that provides disc reviews, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Anthony has even filmed some of the top professional disc golfers.