Disc Golf Popularity Gains Rubs Some Wrong

There is no doubt about it, disc golf is expanding just about as fast as any sport can. While the sport gains popularity, it seems that those who are opposed to it are starting to make their voices (and actions) a little bit louder.

I’ve read two recent articles, one in which the baskets were stolen from a park in Colorado, and another where a university newspaper asking for the course to be removed from the university’s available green space. Clearly, those who are opposed to the sport have yet to pick up a disc to understand the simple addiction that the sport can quickly become in their life.

These people typically exhibit little tolerance for change, and would be better off embracing the new baskets rather than spending their energy fighting it – because it is inevitable, disc golf is growing and more and more are loving the sport around the country! The number of disc golf courses in the last ten years has doubled!

What can the disc golf community do to combat the protesters? First, disc golf enthusiasts must realize that they in some part to blame for the flack the sport has received and disrespect sent their way. Disc golfers occasionally leave cans of beer and litter on the courses as well as release loud foul language which is unwelcome to neighbors living within earshot of many disc golf parks. For this reason, those who visit the parks must increase their care as well as their overall respect for the park and the surrounding community. By being polite, the surrounding communities will more than likely respond with similar respect to those who enjoy the sport as a simple hobby.