Disc Golf on TV

It has been announced by Brian Graham, the executive director of the PDGA that PDGA (Professional Disc Golfers Association) will be broadcasting events on television through the “Emerging Sports Network.” It is unclear if this will be on Comcast, DirecTV, or what other distribution network. (The Interview with Brian Graham can be heard here)

It has also not been stated which events will be on the network, but it can be assumed that major events will be on the network, and possibly production of tutorials on disc golf. It was also stated by Brian Graham that whatever the PDGA can do to grow other disc sports will be done. This may be a stretch, but that can be assumed that some other disc sports may be seen on this network.

The other sports which will be included on the network are water boat racing, and EVP (Extreme Volleyball Pros).

It can be expected that television exposure will increase the awareness of disc golf, which in turn may increase courses nationwide as well as tournament payout and so on. In the end, whatever can get the word out about disc golf – the better! Feel free to leave your thoughts here as well!