Gifts for Disc Golf Beginner

Disc Golf Gifts For Beginners

          With many new players beginning their first rounds of disc golf every day, there are bound to be a few in your lives you are attempting to find one of the best disc golf gifts for. From the variety of discs, accessories, games, and training equipment the sport has to offer, there is no doubt the perfect disc golf gifts can be found.


          With so many different disc golf gift options, one of the best places to start looking for a beginner is in the basic necessities of the sport: discs. Each disc has its own characteristics which makes it fly differently than any other; however, not every disc is made for the new player. In fact, many discs could hurt the players ability to progress, simply by starting with the wrong equipment. As a rule of thumb, a new player will not have the capabilities of throwing any very high speed discs consistently. So for a gift, fairway drivers and lower speed discs are the place to start. For a new player, it is important they also have a variety of discs not all in the same speed rating. To start, a player should have a putter, a mid-range, and a fairway driver.


          While finding the perfect putter for a beginner seems impossible, it is only because there is no perfect putter for every individual. Disc use is based on preference. If a perfect putter truly existed then all professionals would be throwing it for every putt they encounter. Past that, many players also have a different putter in their bag as a driving putter; this is to get a specific flight. Nonetheless, the best place to find a putter for the beginner is to start with one that is in a sense “normal”: not extreme in any case. Many of these types of putters exist, but to help you start your search, here are a few examples.

  • “The Aviar is the most popular putter in the world. It is a good disc for short drives and approach shots, as well as rattling the chains.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Judge was an instant success in the Dynamic Discs line. This is a stable go-to putter with an ultra-straight flight path… [The Judge] works well for both putts and approach shots.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Scarab is a beaded putter that has a similar rim configuration to the Infinite Discs Myth… If you love throwing putters for distance, or you’re seeking pinpoint accuracy with your putting game, the Scarab will earn a spot in your disc bag.” (Infinite Discs)


          The next possible one of the best disc golf gifts would be finding a mid-range disc. This disc will get more distance, but still be able to hold accuracy to help get a shot close to the pin. However, it is harder to determine what flight rating is best for the beginner. This is due to the mid-range being more affected then the putter by what courses and throw styles the player is using. Although many discs are useful to have, a new player needs a disc that will be useful in nearly all cases. Here are a few popular mid-range discs that get thrown often.

  • “The Buzzz… is one of the most popular midrange discs in the world. This consistent, reliable, and stable disc will perform exactly how you want it to. With powerful throws the Buzzz will hold any line you put on it. With light, level throws it will fade slightly.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “This overstable midrange disc is a touch faster than the ever popular Roc. This new Roc 3 claims to be perfect for everything, from controlled approaches to midrange drives. It will perform well in the wind and be extremely versatile.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Chariot is a straight-flying mid-range disc with excellent glide and a knack for following the thrower’s angle of release… The Chariot finishes with a gentle and consistent fade and is ready for frequent use in your disc golf game.” (Infinite Discs)


          It is important to know that, generally, the higher speed disc you are using, the harder it is to play your intended line; this is because of the difficulty of hitting the high speed consistently, especially for the new player. Nevertheless, these discs will typically get much more distance than that of the lower speed discs. For a long shot, with a large fairway, there is rarely a better disc to be using then a type of driver. Since these types of shots are found on nearly every disc golf course available, it is important for one to be in anyone’s bag. Fairway drivers are ordinarily the best drivers for beginners since the speeds are not too difficult to reach; they also still offer sufficient distance for nearly every hole in disc golf. Here are a few good options for fairway drivers.

  • “Made for straight lines with an easy steady fade throughout its flight, the TeeBird is a dependable all around control driver. This disc set the standard for driving consistency and is the disc that all new models are compared with.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The FD… is truly one of the great straight flying fairway drivers. This disc is perfect for straight line shots through low ceiling tree lines. As an accurate smooth flying disc, the FD is a winner for beginners and pros.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Exodus by Infinite Discs is a stable, controllable fairway driver. The comfortable rim design and manageable speed are perfect for players at all experience levels. The Exodus is a trustworthy disc on the fairway and excellent for navigating wooded courses.” (Infinite Discs)

Disc Packs

          With so many new players coming into the sport, many companies have premade starter sets to help beginners find a solid base. Some companies, and individual sellers, also sell in bulk to give an affordable price on a large amount of discs: new and used. These are especially useful to beginners because they allow them to throw many different styles of discs, which then will help them find what they are most comfortable throwing; all on a budget. Here are a few options that will get a beginner going at a good price.

MVP Disc Golf Starter Set
  • “This is a starter set from MVP Disc Sports featuring a putter, a mid-range disc, and a distance driver all in MVP’s premium plastics… Check out their Gyro ™ technology with these great starter discs.” (Infinite Discs)

Streamline Discs Starter Set
  • “Streamline discs [starter set has] a putter in grippy Electron plastic… a mid-range and [a] driver in premium plastic so you’ll have what you need to hit the disc golf course.” (Infinite Discs)

5-Disc Budget Box
  • “While the disc models and brands may change in the 5-Disc Budget Box from time to time, this set is guaranteed to include a putter, one or two mid-range discs, and two or three different driver types (varied speed and stability ratings). The discs are in base plastic to keep the cost low while you or your friend gets to know the game and the different disc flight characteristics.” (Infinite Discs)

          With so many different discs and flight ratings, it is important to know that even the extremes are important in many cases. With stability being one of the largest affects in the game, often it is important to have a disc that will essentially fly left or right more than the average disc; these discs are labeled as overstable or understable. These overstable and understable discs can be found as putters, mid-ranges and drivers. Having these discs will allow the golfer to create a much larger amount of lines then without them, so here are a few of the best understable and overstable discs a beginner would love in their bag.


  • “[The Leopard] is very popular in starter sets thanks to the reliable flight path and limited fade… It also makes a good turnover driver… and a good roller disc.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Pearl is another must-have disc created by Latitude 64 for beginners. If you’re looking for the perfect disc… for players who have not yet mastered technique, this is it.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Sphinx is the perfect disc for new players who want a distance driver / control driver crossover that won’t fade too soon while covering as much distance as possible. With an understable release and manageable speed rating, the Sphinx can fly with accuracy and ease.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Firebird… will provide a massive fading hook, but it’s not so fast that it can’t be controlled by less powerful players. The Firebird makes a great forehand driver and can easily handle headwinds.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Ahti is designed to be a really overstable fairway driver which will be useful for spike hyzers, flex shots and windy days… This disc will be your go to for a consistent fade forehand or backhand.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The Inca is the quintessential mid-range with a beaded rim and a dependable fade at the end of flight. It is designed to handle power, so you can give it some heat off the tee or across the fairway.” (Infinite Discs)

          Although the flight rating on each disc gives a base on how it will react, it is important to understand that the type of plastic and weight, the disc is purchased in, will also affect the way the disc will fly. Some plastics are also much more durable than others, so make sure to check these factors before buying a disc. As a base, plastic durability, and larger weight, will tend to make a disc more stable. With the amount of options the disc golf world has to offer, if one disc does not suit your needs, there is bound to be another that will. Different places to search include: weights, plastic types, disc types, and manufacturers.


          There are so many different accessories one could get for a disc golfer, nonetheless, one of the most important is a bag. Without a bag, the game becomes much more difficult to play in comfort, while carrying everything that is needed. Each company has their own bag types; however, for a beginner, the bag type is more important than the brand name. Generally, each type of bag will have a similar cost. Here are a few good options that could make the perfect bag.

Infinite Starter Bag
  • “The Infinite Discs Starter bag is slightly roomier than the Small bag and includes a mini disc pocket and pencil holder. Like the Small bag, the Starter bag is an incredible value and is built to last for years of disc golf use.” (Infinite Discs)

Infinite Discs Huck Pack
  • “The Infinite Discs Huck Pack is a lightweight Disc Golf backpack which will work comfortably for players both new and experienced. It features padding on the back and adjustable straps for comfortable wear on the course… This backpack is versatile and affordable, providing top performance for a low price.” (Infinite Discs)

          There are many other types of accessories including marking discs, water bottles, apparel, towels, and disc lights just to name a few. Therefore, if you’re struggling to find anything that will meet your requirements, you can be sure to find an accessory that will make one of the best disc golf gifts..


          There are many games that include disc golf and simulate it; if you’re looking to add more fun to the experience, a game will be the way to go. As far as games go, there are card games, board games, and video games available that add to the disc golf community. A few of these games will be mentioned here.

Ript Revenge
  • “When playing a round with Ript, three cards are dealt to each player in the party. At the end of each hole, CTP and hole winners draw another card from the deck to carry with them. Throughout the game there are opportunities to play cards you are carrying to enhance the play of the game. The cards vary from free mulligans to a card that forces one of your opponents to make their next putt with their off hand. No two games of Ript are ever the same.” (Infinite Discs)

Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble
  • Disc Golf Challenge: Skill Scramble, is a new and exciting Disc Golf card game that is designed to attract and teach new players, as well as offer casual competition for long time players through a “king-of-the-hill” style of round. The game can be played with 1-5 players, with as little as 1 disc.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “BIRDIE! is one of the first disc golf board games with deluxe playing board, game cards, dice, and more.” (Infinite Discs)

Training Equipment

          The best way for a person to get better at doing something is to practice it, this is why any type of training tool would make one of the best disc golf gifts. While being able to train off the course, a beginner will gain the ability to have much more consistent and enjoyable rounds. Some of the best training can even be done with a simple net; but if that’s not enough, there are some other tools you can buy that will make an upstanding disc golf gift.

ProPull Disc Golf Trainer
  • “Many top PDGA pros recommend Resistance Band Training. The ProPull™ Disc Golf Trainer allows you to grab the included disc exactly as you would on the course to strengthen your grip and train your body to increase acceleration in the exact angles and positions related to your individual throwing motion.” (Infinite Discs)

  • “The DiscDot is designed to fit on the chains of a practice basket. They are to help make a target link more easily seen.” (Infinite Discs)

Viking Discs Royal Basket
  • “The Royal Basket by Viking Discs is a PDGA approved target that can be used for putting practice or for temporary course setup. It has heavy duty chains and a sturdy structure to withstand frequent use. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to spot on the disc golf course with its white finish.” (Infinite Discs


          The ability to train off the course will exponentially help any disc golfer, so any training tools to help one would guarantee one of the best disc golf gifts.


          In the end, there are many different disc golf gift options for the new disc golfer. With the amount of manufacturers and growth in the sport, the options are sure to only grow as well. If you are unsure where to begin your search, Infinite Discs has the largest selection of discs available from different colors, weights, and manufacturers. Each individual disc has a picture taken of it, this way you can see the exact disc you will be purchasing from the site. They also have tons of different accessories and will ship straight to your door. If you have any questions or concerns you can also contact Infinite Discs directly, and they will always offer sufficient help.