Disc Golf Etiquette, Instructional, and Exercise Videos

It’s a lot of fun to cruise through Youtube for disc golf videos, where there are innumerable instructional videos, trick-shot videos, tournament videos, and more. Sometimes you find somebody with a series of videos that are both fun to watch and very useful for beginners. We recently found some videos by a rather large fellow that goes by TUCK4S1.  He has some informative videos that introduce players to elements of the game that too often are overlooked, like etiquette, the players’ code, and what to do when you find lost discs. Here is an example:

Here is a video where he brings in a guest to talk about Disc Golf’s Top Shots, so you can learn the names and techniques of different throwing styles:

Here are some fun, and very down-to-earth tips for your disc golf game:

Or he has some videos that are just for a quick laugh, like the “First Ace” video:

TUCK4S1 has plans for more videos featuring disc reviews, focused on players with slower arm speeds, so check out his channel from time to time to keep up with his fun videos!


Another series of videos that we found which are extremely useful, but that address a different side of disc golf game improvement is Disc Golf Strong. This guy addresses things like stretches and exercises which help you to stay healthy while you play. Check out this one for strengthening your core for disc golf:

Here is a great video about stretching before your game or field work, and I use these stretches regularly now:

Here is another that talks about different kinds of stretching which may help or hinder your game:

Follow Disc Golf Strong for great new videos that address the flexibility and strength side of your game. Have fun on Youtube, but have even more fun on the course!