Disc Golf Disc Reviewing

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While we hope to provide you with useful insight on disc golf discs, please understand that many of us reviewers are somewhat amateur ourselves. We will provide a review when we feel that we have a good enough grasp and feel of the disc to provide valuable insight, but that may be a little ways down the road.

When I first started disc golfing, I thought that there were just three kinds of disc golf discs: distance, mid range, and putters. The fact is that Frisbee golf discs are actually very complex. There is some serious science that has gone into the creation and design of each disc to make them perform differently. There are different molds, weights, brands, and plastic types for different Frisbee golf discs. Frisbee golf discs are rated for how fast they go, how far they glide, how much they will turn, and how much they will fade at the end of the flight. If you can’t get rid of that “wicked hook” maybe you just need to try a different disc.

Innova alone makes dozens of different types of putters, mid range discs, fairway drivers, and long distance drivers. Trying to find the best of these discs for beginners and average players would just be too costly. That is where we hope our disc reviews can help.

As we review different discs, we will do that from the perspective of an average user(that’s what we are!), the person who has just gotten into Frisbee golf and plays for fun, exercise, and recreation. Frisbee golf is a great activity, and can be quite addicting. Selecting the best discs to help you improve your game is a big part of the fun. We hope that our reviews will help you select the best Frisbee golf disc for you, and your unique throwing style.

Innova Boss Champion I-Dye Disc Golf Driver

Innova Boss Champion I-Dye Disc Golf Driver

Innova Boss Champion I-Dye Disc Golf Driver – Do you want the signature of a disc golf World Champion and a disc golf driver made to give you positive results on the course? Then you can have just that with the Boss Champion Disc Golf Driver. This disc driver is Innova’s fastest long-range distance driver with stability and control. Like a boss, your throws will sore. The Boss Champion disc is a top seller and it is also great for sidearm or backhand throwers. It has a signature design by Dave Feldberg, 2008 World Champion. Features: Fade: 3, A top seller, Developed for pros, Good for sidearms. Product ID: 186622