Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake in Orlando Florida

The Bill Frederick Park disc golf course at Turkey Lake is one of the best disc golf courses I’ve ever played. This park offers two different 18 hole courses. The first course goes along a grassy area next to the beautiful Turkey Lake. The second 18 goes through a thick forest that provides many places in which you can lose a disc.

A TurtleThe course offers a variety of vegetation, tall trees, shrubbery, lemon trees, lots of spider webs (scared my wife to death), and even some pure white sand. While playing we saw even saw a big Turtle walk accross the fairway, not something we’d ever see in Utah.

Most of the holes are right around 300 feet, and while none of them are really difficult, none are very easy either. I had one birdie on this course, and a number of bogeys. The Turkey Lake Disc Golf Course has a number of shots that require straight low fairway shots. I’ve never played a course that required so many low line drives.

Some holes had two sets of tee areas, the “A” tee box was usually quite challenging. I like to think of myself as an above average disc golfer, but I sure had trouble weaving my discs between those tight lines of trees.

Narrow Fairway With TreesThe course is clean, well groomed, has concrete tee pads, and is fairly easy to follow. It costs money to enter the park, but they also give you a course map and score card – well worth the $4 fee. Every tee has a sign that lets you know the distance to the basket, as well as any out of bounds areas. There are even “bag racks” where you can hand your bag up while you wait to tee off.

This is a fairly friendly course, and there are only a handful of spots where you can actually lose a disc. With that said, an errant forehand throw on hole number 5 did send my Wraith into the Lake. If it weren’t for the “Aligators — No Swimming” sign, I might have gone in after it.

Another great thing about this course is that it’s in Florida. While my friends were experiencing a snow storm in Utah, I was enjoying beautiful shorts weather in sunny Orlando. If you’re visiting Orlando, this is definitely a disc golf course worth hitting up.