Best Selling Putters by Plastic Type – April 2018

It is fun to look at which discs are selling the most at any given moment, especially when it comes to critical discs like putters. Players tend to have love-hate relationships with putters, and the trends can sway from year to year as high profile, pro players draw attention to whatever putter molds that they’re using with success.

Here is a look at the top-selling putters at Infinite Discs but with the ranking also broken down by plastic type. Thus, the same model can appear multiple times in the ranking if it is popular in different plastic blends. Infinite Discs ships discs all over the USA and beyond and carries a huge variety of brands, large and small, therefore the website’s sales show a good representation of which putters and approach discs are the “most popular,” though this does not claim to be a complete sales tally from multiple vendors (not all vendors share sales figures).

This ranking is built from sales spanning from the beginning of 2018 through April 2018 – a four month snapshot.


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#1 – Discmania P-Line P2
#2 – Discmania D-Line P2
#3 – Innova XT Mix Nova 
#4 – Discmania Signature C-Line P2 (Lizotte “Sky God”)
#5 – Innova McPro Galactic Aviar 
#6 – Innova DX Aviar 
#7 – Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Judge 
#8 – Innova Star AviarX3 
#9 – Innova Classic DX Aviar 
#10 – Westside BT Hard Harp 
#11 – Innova KC Pro Aviar
#12 – Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Judge
#13 – Innova McPro Aviar 
#14 – Innova Pro Yeti Aviar 
#15 – Gateway Super Stupid Soft Wizard 
#16 – Westside Tournament Burst Harp 
#17 – Dynamic Discs Classic Burst Warden 
#18 – Dynamic Discs Classic Blend Burst Warden 
#19 – Discmania S Line P2 
#20 – Discmania X-Line P2 
#21 – Axiom Electron Envy 
#22 – Innova DX Aviar3 
#23 – Innova Star Aviar3 
#24 – Discmania P-Line Glow P2 
#25 – Dynamic Discs Prime Deputy 

Some quick notes on the results here– the Discmania P2 is still ruling the putter game with a solid lead, showing  up with 6 of the top 25 spots, including the top two spots with P-Line and D-Line plastics. The Innova Aviar also appears in several configurations. The “Classic” mold is different than the standard DX Aviars, while the KC Pro Aviar is a beaded Aviar, and the Yeti Aviar is a puddle-top Aviar. Plus the AviarX and the AviarX3 are showing strong placement as flat-topped, approach-disc variations of the popular Aviar.  The Innova Nova is also a very popular seller, primarily as an approach disc.

The 2018 season also brought another surge in sales of the McPro Aviar as well as the newly introduced Galactic McPro Aviar with it’s swirly colors.

The Judge and Warden by Dynamic Discs are still strong putters with steady sales, especially in the new burst plastic blends. Plus the Dynamic Discs Deputy has received a recent surge with the addition of a Paige Pierce signature on the stamp.  The Harp by Westside Discs maintains a strong position, primarily as an approach disc, thanks to frequent use by Ricky Wysocki.

The Wizard has been dropping over the last few months with only one plastic type (Super Stupid Soft) showing up in  the current top 25. Going back a couple of years, the Wizard always had a strong sales with several plastic blends holding top spots. The Wizard may surge again in the future, especially if it starts getting more attention as a disc in the bag of popular professionals.