Benefits of Becoming a Disc Golfer

Looking for long lasting hobbies that have more benefits then costs can be difficult. However, disc golf is a sport that has the potential of being just that hobby for a large populous. If you can throw a disc, you will enjoy the sport of disc golf. This reason for enjoyment does not even have to be the same as the next disc golfers; but this is only because the reasons to enjoy the game are nearly endless. With so many different benefits to the game, it is impossible to go over them all. Nonetheless, some of the largest include benefits for a person’s physical health, mental health, and budget.

Physical Health


Disc golf has many benefits surrounding the world of health. With the length of the average disc golf course being 200-400 feet per hole, it goes without saying you will be getting exercise from the walking alone. Then with the addition of throwing, you will find that the disc golf experience will be exercising the majority of muscles in your body. 


As exercise is one of the key points in keeping healthy, it is not necessary to go over each benefit of this exercise; this is simply due to the fact that the majority of you will already know this information. Amidst some quick research, however, you will find that disc golf fits the requirements of most of your body’s necessary exercise with 3 or more rounds a week. On top of this, you can fit an even greater workout into your weekly routine by choosing to jog rounds rather than walk; or, rather than choosing to jog all rounds, you can choose to jog one or two. Upon some slight tweaking to the game, there are many other advantages the sport is begging to exploit.


Another advantage of disc golfing is simply getting out in the open. Staying inside all day is not, and has never been, a healthy habit; but by disc golfing, a person will have the reason to get outside. By getting outside, the physical benefits of the sun and fresh air will be available to that person.


Mental Health


Although the physical advantages of disc golf are easily seen, playing the game will offer improvements in a person’s mental health as well. To start, connecting with nature is an activity people have used for generations. This time in nature will help build a connection with themselves and the world. For example, many people find time in the day to just walk outside to get out for a little bit of time. This is something that disc golf could offer while being an activity. This is not to mention that every disc golf course I have ever played on always has offered spectacular views. The experience in nature makes disc golf an amazing sport, and will make it an enticing choice for a hobby the majority of people are looking for.


Mind and Body


Playing disc golf will not only exercise your body, but will also create a stronger connection between your mind and body. Putting your mind and body to work towards the same goal will create a bond of teamwork. One cannot succeed without the other.


The first member of the team is the mind. Without the choice to go out, the body will never get the opportunity, and therefore will not be able to succeed. Nonetheless, if the mind does not focus on each shot and help create a good line for the body to follow, failure is just around the corner. To have a successful game in any sport, it is important to keep a level head where you can find the best option in any situation thrown at you. Now without the body, there is no action that can be taken. If the body also is not willing to adapt and practice different styles, then the mind will find that it is nearly impossible to progress. This sense of teamwork, when trained correctly, can then go and help a person’s life in ways that do not even connect to disc golf.


Patience to Confidence


Training and becoming better at the sport will build a sense of confidence while throwing a rock of patience right at you. When working towards becoming good at something new, a person is able to build confidence when they hit each new level of achievement. The only downside is that achievement takes time and hard work. Look back at a time you succeeded in achieving some sort of goal. The time spent on the goal was just as important as the finish; it proved your hard work was well worth the time. Without these bits of success in someone’s life it would be impossible to build confidence since they have only had failures to look back on. Yes, the sport is not easy to master, which is why patience will be learned; then, with each step taken to become better, confidence will be built due to the following success.


Get Out and Breathe


When a person is also being wrapped up in work, it is a life changing to have a place to take a little bit of time to get grounded. Disc golf is a sport that can be fit to your schedule, you may come and go as you please. While also being outside, it has the keys to being a perfect getaway from the world. Allowing a person to just get out and breathe.


Social benefits


When it comes to the social experience, it is easy to get out with a group of people and just throw around a few discs. The sport is extremely versatile in who is able to play. It only requires a body willing to get out and play. Even just inviting a friend or two will give you some time to interact, while getting in a good activity for the day. Since you do not need to set up an appointment or pay to play, it is a great activity to go out and play with others.


Hobby on a Budget


While disc golf is not exactly free, it is very close to it! There are more than 6000 courses set up in the United States that are free to go out and play on, and the number is only growing. A simple search on google maps for “disc golf” will also help you be able to find them. There are also a ton of different disc golf apps that will help you find the courses, train, and keep track of your scores. Now, there is one more thing you need before you can play: discs. A person will only need a single disc to start a round of disc golf. Then if you have a few discs each, one of those can be used for another person to get that much needed social interaction.


If you are looking to start a hobby while on a budget, disc golf is on the cheaper end without question. A single disc will cost anywhere from 5-20 dollars: depending on the quality of disc you are after. You can also buy discs in bulk to get more discs for your hard-worked dollar. One of the best places to start looking are in the used discs while first getting into the sport. These discs are very cheap and will allow you to test different discs to find what you like. However, for a beginner, a full set should include a putter, mid-range, and driver. The place to start in that set should be the putter. Many professionals even argue you should start with putter rounds (exclusively using a putter in that round) since it will help you progress your technique faster.



In the end, it is clear that the hobby of disc golf has more benefits than costs. The sport can offer a person better physical and mental health, at nearly no cost. All you need now is a few discs, and a course in your area. Then you will be all set to start this new adventure in your life.