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How to Create your Own Disc Golf Bag

EV7 Disc Golf Putter
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EV-7 Disc Golf Discs

EV-7 is an interesting disc golf brand. While the focus of most disc golf companies is to make …

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Best-Selling Disc Golf Discs of 2018

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Throw Like a Girl: My First Tournament

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Hero Disc Golf Starter Set Review

I was really excited to try out the new Hero Disc Golf starter set. This is a colorful box set with three discs designed for beginners.  The discs have excellent names and fun artwork. The …

Hero Disc Golf Starter Set Review Read More

Disc Eagle Promo Photo

Disc Eagle Disc Golf Discs Review

When my friend showed me the Amazon listing for Disc Eagle brand disc golf discs I had to try them out. After seeing the price, number of disc included, and outrageously horrific advertising photos, I …

Disc Eagle Disc Golf Discs Review Read More

New Discmania/Yikun Discs Comparison

When I got my hands on the newest Discmania discs they felt very familiar… They very much reminded me of the latest Yikun discs which I tried for the first time just a few weeks …

New Discmania/Yikun Discs Comparison Read More

Sune Sport Flow Motion putter in basket

Sune Sports Disc Golf Discs

Sune Sports is Norwegian sporting good company that has a big emphasis on Frisbee golf. They distribute golf discs under both the Guru and Sune Sport brands and seem to have a focus on beginner …

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Teebird Comparison

Continuing on this series of discs that throw similar to each other, we will look at what throws similar to the Teebird. The Teebird is loved by many people, I often recommend it to somewhat …

Teebird Comparison Read More

Which Overstable Putter is Best?

There are many overstable putt and approach discs out in the market now. It seems that most everyone is obsessed with Discraft’s Zone. Lately, the Zone has been extremely difficult to buy at retail prices  …

Which Overstable Putter is Best? Read More

Destroyer or a Replica, Which is Better?

The disc golf market is flooded with all kinds of discs. It seems that there are a lot of duplicate discs between all the brands as well. Ever since Innova released the Destroyer, other brands …

Destroyer or a Replica, Which is Better? Read More

XCom brand Frisbee Golf Discs

XCom Disc Golf Discs

I love trying out different new brands of disc golf discs and was really excited when my package from X-Com arrived. X-Com Sports is a Chinese disc manufacturer. Like Yikun, they actually specialize in manufacturing …

XCom Disc Golf Discs Read More


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A Look at Discraft In the Modern Disc Golf Market

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Great Understable Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

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Play Angry – A Zenless Guide to Disc Golf – Chapter 14

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DGA Tremor vs DGA Quake – A Great Mid-Range Disc Duo

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Top 20 Best-Selling Discs by Model and Plastic (September 2017)

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Prodigy X-Series Distance Drivers – An Overview

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Best-Selling Disc Golf Putters of 2016

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Wanted: More Women Disc Golfers

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