Portable Disc Golf Baskets

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Not everybody has a disc golf course they can play right in their back yard.

What if you want to set up your own course in a vacant field, or have a basket to practice putting during your breaks at work. There are portable disc golf baskets available for sale, and here are some links to buy them. We hope to try a few more, and offer more reviews, but for now, here are just some links to help you by the least expensive disc golf baskets on the market:

Cheapest Disc Golf Baskets

Broken Pacific Sports Disc Golf Basket

Park & Sun Portable Disc Golf Basket

We got this cheap disc golf basket for my father in law for Fathers Day from Costco. It was by far the least expensive thing on the market, and was around $70. It comes with a colorful basket, and three of the lowest quality golf discs you’ll ever see. Initially, everything seemed to work just fine. The basket has only one layer of chains around the outside edge and occasionally perfect puts fall through and miss. Using your own judgement, you can tell when your putt really scores. After leaving this basket outside for a few weeks it got slightly rusted inside and broke. Inexpensive, but obviously not the best quality, especially if you plan to leave it outside. If all you want is a target to practice putting in, and will keep it away from the elements, then this is a sufficient disc golf basket.

This basket is only in stock at Costco during the spring. That is by far the cheapest way to get a disc golf basket. If for some reason you want to buy it online, here’s the Amazon link:

Instep Pacific Outdoors

The Pacific Outdoors Disc Golf Goal is the cheapest disc golf basket you can by online. For less than a hundred bucks you can get this basket delivered to your doorstep. I haven’t tested it out, but it has some better reviews than the Park & Sun basket.

DGA Mach 14:

The DGA Mach 14 is one of the next least expensive portable disc golf basket. It costs more than the Pacific Outdoors thing, is not as colorful, doesn’t have a flag on top, and doesn’t come with three crappy discs. This basket was built with more quality, has great reviews, and will probably last a lot longer.  The 14 chains on the M-14 are positioned at two different levels, seven on the outside, and seven on an inside rung. It’s not a full standard basket, but does a really nice job of catching your putts. Only the occasional accurate throw falls through the chains. For backyard practice putts, this is a great basket. It’s also good if you want to take it to the park, your workplace, or set up a portable course as its super easy to assemble and take apart. The M-14 basket has snap and pull buttons and separates into four parts. It weighs just 25 pounds, so it’s light and manageable.


DGA Mach Lite

When it comes to quality, ultra-portable baskets, this is a great one. The DGA Mach Lite looks good, performs well, and is super easy to set up and store. The Mach Lite is light weight (about 25 pounds) and includes a handy carrying bag that easily fits in your trunk.  This folding basket is made with a quality canvas and has 16 chains. Despite the fact that it folds and stores so easily, the catching area on this basket is comparable to permanent baskets. It’s a few bucks more than the Mach 14, but the better choice if you plan to be packing and moving it around often.

Here is a link to purchase this portable basket with fee shipping and for a great price.

Buy Mach Lite Portable Basket

Lightning DB-5 Disc Golf Basket

Lightning Golf Discs makes a high quality, yet affordable portable disc golf basket. You’re going to have to pay more than $200 for this one, but compared to some of the other brands of similar quality, this basket is a deal. The DB-5 has 18 galvanized chains (4 more than the M-14) and weighs 51 pounds (twice as much). While this basket is portable, it is a heavy duty basket that can be used for a permanent hole.



And here are the latest and greatest disc golf goals being sold on E-bay:

There are several other makes and qualities of portable disc golf baskets. If you’re really serious about disc golf, or if you want to create your own private disc golf courses you may want to consider them.

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  1. I have the Instep Pacific Outdoors basket. I purchased it from Costco about 3 months ago for $70. The inside broke after 2 months. I had the inside parts of the entire basket re-welded and it is solid now! The original welds just don’t cut it.
    I also added 12 more chains to the inside of the basket so it is now 24. It cost me about $21 at Home Depot for chains and clips. It’s awesome now. nothing get’s through. Would I buy this basket again? Yes. But I would take it straight to a welder to get the inside fasteners welded nice and tight.

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  2. Question regarding the Park & Sun Portable Disc Golf Basket:
    1. Is the pole metal or plastic?
    2. What’s the diameter of the pole?

    I am installing 3 baskets at my house and I was planning on building them. However, the basket portion will cost about $40 to make and I just found a store selling these for $42. I am considering making the drive to buy these for the basket, top and chains, and improving the pole.



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    1. What store is selling them for $42?

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