Video Review of the MVP MATRIX Plus Beginner MVP Discs

It’s time to check in with one of our favorite, down-to-earth, disc golf YouTubers, TUCK4S1.  He recently got a some easy-to-throw MVP discs from Infinite Discs and put together some helpful video reviews.  In this first video he looks at the ATOM putter, the TANGENT mid-range, and the ORBITAL distance driver: In this next video, TUCK4S1 takes a look at […]

Introducing Mid-Range Discs from Element Discs

ELEMENT DISCS is one of the newer boutique or “craft disc” makers in the market. They kicked off their brand with a pair of really nice putters in the Iridium and the Plutonium.  The discs are manufactured at the Gateway plant, so the plastics are in the same vein as Gateway’s usual quality and feel. Now Element […]

Play Angry – A Zenless Guide to Disc Golf – Chapter 6

Note: This is part 6 in a series of posts which make up the chapters of a tongue-in-cheek look at the game of disc golf and why we love it so much, despite the lack of reciprocated affection. It is not actually intended to improve your game…unless it does…in which case we’re happy to take the […]

Disc Golf Etiquette, Instructional, and Exercise Videos

It’s a lot of fun to cruise through Youtube for disc golf videos, where there are innumerable instructional videos, trick-shot videos, tournament videos, and more. Sometimes you find somebody with a series of videos that are both fun to watch and very useful for beginners. We recently found some videos by a rather large fellow […]