Play Angry – A Zenless Guide to Disc Golf – Chapter 11

Note: This is part 11 in a series of posts which make up the chapters of a tongue-in-cheek look at the game of disc golf and why we love it so much, despite the lack of reciprocated affection. It is not actually intended to improve your game…unless it does…in which case we’re happy to take […]

Introducing Viking Discs – In Review

It’s always an adventure when a new disc golf brand emerges on the scene. Usually the introduction of the new brand comes with one or two disc molds. However, Viking Discs out of Finland emerged with a slew of eight PDGA approved discs all at once, with three distinct plastic types. That’s quite an introduction! […]

Introducing Streamline Discs – Trace and Pilot

MVP Disc Sports came onto the disc golf manufacturing scene with a new approach to discs. They introduced the Gyro Overmold technology which they declared would improve the disc’s linear momentum in flight, making it superior to single-mold discs. The outer rim on the overmold discs is more dense than the plate and thus would increase […]